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19th May 2023 A new page Author index of books Sue has reviewed replaced 3 earlier pages.

9th May 2023 More than Writers’ blog post Choosing a book to read

18th April 2023 More than Writers’ blog post Enchantment

3rd January 2023 THE ENGLISH LAKE DISTRICT a new page mainly about books on Sue’s Trifles.

13th October 2022 More than Writers’ blog post Problems Pantsers avoid

2nd October 2022 a new page added Books about Nature and Climate Change

11th September 2022 More than Writers’ blog post Genealogy then and now

14th August 2022 a 75-word story on Paragraph Planet

2nd August 2022 A guest post on the official Blogging from A to Z blog. #AtoZChallenge An Alphabet of Blog Tips with thanks to J Lenni Dorner for his help with this post

23rd July 2022 two poems published in Agape Review Multifaceted Light and Space and Time

20th July 2022 My radio interview for The Writer’s Trail is now available as a podcast

8th July 2022 More than Writers’ blog post Meandering along the writing path

Sunday 19th June 2022 at 7am BST Repeat of The Writer’s Trail

Thursday 16th June 2022 at 8pm British Summer Time Recently Annmarie Miles interviewed me about my poetry and my faith. The radio interview is to be aired in a programme on UCB Ireland – The Writer’s Trail.

21st April 2022 a guest post on the official A to Z Challenge blog A reverie

27th March 2022 More than writers’ blog post: Are you thinking of blogging?

7th March 2022 Signed up for the Blogging from A to Z in April Theme reveal

6th March 2022 New page A to Z 2022

December 2021 Christmas Visitors (poem) in Christian Writer, the magazine of the Association of Christian Writers, Winter 2021 edition

19 August 2021 Contents pages edited on Sue’s Trifles and Sue’s words and pictures to give shortcuts to posts for each year

15 April 2021 Article and poem on the Association of Christian Writers’ website

March 2021 New page A to Z 2021 on Sue’s Trifles

11 March Theme Reveal for A to Z 2021 on Sue’s Trifles

31 December More than Writers To list or not to list? (my last post on More than Writers)

4 December Paint chip poetry challenge now as blog posts with a contents list on the page

27 November 2020 Paint chip poetry updated with prompt #48 (making a total of 31 poems on this page so far)

31 October 2020 More than Writers Interview with an author – Keren Dibbens-Wyatt

30 October 2020 Paint chip poetry updated with prompt #44 (making a total of 27 poems on this page so far)

31 August 2020 More than Writers An interview with two authors – Eleanor Watkins and Philip S. Davies

29 August 2020 Paint chip poetry updated with prompt #35 (and a photo) (making a total of 19 poems on this page so far)

31 July 2020 More than Writers Comfort reading with a purpose

31 May 2020 More than Writers Happy Birthday!

April 2020 New page Paint chip poetry beginning with challenge #14

30 April 2020 Blogging from A to Z in April Challenge completed on Sue’s Trifles.

31 March 2020 More than Writers Fashion in print and language

19 March 2020 New page A to Z Challenge 2020 on Sue’s Trifles

7 March 2020 tidied up widgets and menu ahead of the #AtoZchallenge

31 January 2020 More than Writers Inspired by what?

31 December 2019 More than Writers Out with the old

31 October 2019 More than Writers Starting from the end

2 September 2019 Whitehaven Limerick pinned on Places of Poetry

31 August 2019 More than Writers A time to consolidate

29 August 2019 Index to books Sue has reviewed

26 August 2019 London in Rhyme pinned on Places of Poetry

25 August 2019 From the train window pinned on Places of Poetry

31 July 2019 More than Writers It has changed my life

23 July 2019 marks 7 years since Sue’s considered trifles began

12 July 2019 My poem The Heavens declare… appeared on The Cross and the Cosmos courtesy of Trevor Thorn

31 May 2019 More than Writers From the archives

April 2019 Sue’s Trifles is taking part in the Blogging from A to Z in April Challenge. Links to posts.

31 March 2019 More than Writers Mother’s Day or Mothering Sunday?

31 January 2019 More than Writers Choosing our words

31 December 2018 More than Writers Meeting Royalty

31 October More than Writers Curtains and Windows

31 August 2018 More than Writers Fire!

31 July 2018 More than Writers Does “More than” include Multimedia?”

31 May 2018 More than Writers Running the writing race

16 May 2018 Privacy Policy added on Sue’s Trifles (21 May 2018 added to Sue’s considered trifles and Sue’s words and pictures)

31 March 2018 More than Writers Naming the Day

February 2018 Deciduous published in Christian Writer Winter 2017/18

31 January 2018 More than Writers Why blog?

31 December 2017 More than Writers Are you a leader or a follower?

31 October 2017 More than Writers Do I make myself clear?

31 August 2017 More than Writers Why I may be impish

From 27 July 2017 until Tuesday 23 January 2018 Sue is taking part in a Twitter project #psalmtweets

31 July 2017 More than Writers Making time

31 May 2017 More than Writers Keeping a diary

31 January 2017 My blog post for More than Writers How should the Bible be read?

31 December 2016 My blog post for More than Writers New Year’s Eve

31 October 2016 My blog post for More than Writers Harvest and Hallowe’en

31 August 2016 My blog post for More than Writers  Did you find a word for the year?

August 2016 My article Belonging to ACW  was published in Christian Writer (the magazine of the Association of Christian Writers).

June 2016 Book review Stress: How to destress without doing less by Dr Kate Middleton

April 2016 Sue’s words and pictures and Sue’s Trifles both completed the Blogging from A to Z in April Challenge.  The posts may be found from the contents lists linked above.

31 March 2016 A guest post on More than writers

On  25 March Sue’s Trifles was 3 years old and on 26 March Sue’s words and pictures was 1 year old.

4 March 2016 Sue’s Trifles and Sue’s words and pictures are signed up for the Blogging from A to Z in April Challenge and the Theme reveal for the challenge (21 March).  Both these blogs are ‘Post a week’ blogs, meaning at least one post will appear each week. One or other of these blogs has been joining in with emily p. freeman’s What I learned in… link up. Sue’s words and pictures has also linked with the Daily post photo challenge and occasionally with Silvain Landry’s photo challenges.

5 December 2015 Book review Baby, Baby by Mari Howard

31 October 2015 New Book review: Destiny’s Rebel by Philip S Davies

29th August 2015 a guest post on More than Writers – Do your best
23rd July 2015 Sue’s considered trifles is 3 years old today!

27th June 2015 For the summer my blogging will be less frequent.  Monthly posts on this blog, fortnightly on Sue’s Trifles and not more than twice weekly on Sue’s words and pictures.

2nd June 2015 Updated Your favourites on Sue’s Trifles

7th May 2015 Sue is planning to take part in a different A to Z Challenge on her new blog, Sue’s words and pictures.  The challenge begins on 8th May with posts every Friday.  Weekly posting has resumed on Sue’s Trifles – Saturdays.  This blog continues with links to two archive posts each Thursday.  Sue has a guest blog scheduled on More than Writers on 31st May.

29th April 2015 April has been a busy month on Sue’s Trifles, with the Blogging from A to Z Challenge.

26th March 2015 Having passed the second anniversary of Sue’s Trifles on 25th March, I decided to set up a new blog, where I can begin by writing about all the things, which do not fit during A to Z in April.  It is Sue’s words and pictures.

20 March 2015 John Mark Miller, The Artistic Christian interviewed me for his blog.

16 March 2015 New links added on my writing page

07 February 2015 New book review The Heretic by Henry Vyner-Brooks

19 January 2015 One of my posts from Sue’s Trifles has been featured on post40bloggers.

16 January 2015 a new page added to Sue’s Trifles Your favourites

16 December 2014 A new book review Forgetful Heart by Lucy Mills.

04 December 2014 another of my poems may be listened to on Soundcloud.

05 November 2014 More links added in Writers and writing (publishing included!)

18 October 2014 More links added in Inspirational Blogs

16 October 2014 is Blog Action Day.  Sue’s Trifles is one of the many participating blogs.  The topic is inequality.

11 September 2014 New Inspirational blogs added on links.

September 2014 reduced posting frequency on Sue’s considered trifles to two archive links once a week.

28 August 2014 Sue’s Trifles added to bloglovin’.  It is now possible to follow that blog by clicking a button on this one.  (The wonders of widgets!)

20 August 2014 Book review added Neither Here nor There

15 August 2014 Book review added Game, Set and Murder

19 July 2014 Book review added Paradoxology.

14 July 2014

Links tab divided into categories with pages for each category and parent page with links to the same pages for easier navigation.

Index page divided into sections with drop-down menu

28 June New links added (on links tab)

17 June 2014 A recording of the poem, which appeared in the post Friend or foe? is now available to listen to if you have two minutes to spare.

9 June 2014 I have added two new pages, one in Book Reviews and one in Music.

4 June 2014 This week I have reduced my posting frequency on my other blog.  I was also pleased to welcome my first guest blogger.

26 May 2014 Book review Adrian Plass and the Church Weekend

25 April 2014 Attended UK blog Awards as a finalist.

#UK Blog Awards 2014 Finalist

April 2014 Joined ACW .   Added new links to links page.  Blogging from A to Z participant on Sue’s Trifles

April 2014 Two book reviews added  Raising children in a digital age and The Last Queen of Sheba

26 March 2014 Your favourites and My favourites updated

25 March 2015 Sue’s Trifles’ anniversary –  one year old

16 March 2014 Sue’s Trifles – a comprehensive contents page

15 March 2014 My book review of Bible to go! by @bethanysister, Sister Elizabeth Pio is now on The Big Bible Project’s website.   Although I linked to Amazon I’d prefer it to be bought from a bookshop/bookstore.

6 March 2014 A new book review of The Shepherd’s Song by @WritingSisters, Betsy Duffey and Laurie Myers.

3 February 2014 Both my blogs have been shortlisted by the public vote for the UK Blog Awards.  Many thanks for voting.

From September 2013 posting Mondays and Thursdays

16 December 2013 Voting is open for UK Blog Awards.

November 2013 Blog Every Day in November  On Sue’s Trifles #BEDN
Blog Every Day in November badge

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October 28 Entered UK Blog Awards 2014

October 9 Links page updated

September 29-30 New links added and a link to another music video

September 21 Writing page updated with new links to posts on both my blogs

September 17 New page added – Your favourites

More links added 10 August 2013

New page added 31 July

Links page reorganised 20 July Miscellaneous category may need further subdivision and new blogs may be added from those I follow.

On 10 July I was the guest blogger on Blogging from A to Z  for April.

15 May 2013  Gravatar profile updated and widget arrangement altered.  Note that this theme Wu Wei does not use side-bars and all the information is below the posts.

01 May 2013 My favourites page added

29 April 2013 More links added

24 April 2013 Book review A Fortress Among My People added.

23 April 2013 New links added.

April 2013 Sue’s considered trifles is now on facebook.

April 2013 Copyright and disclaimer added.

March 2013 Reformatted early posts to a similar style to the later ones.  Aiming to post on at least two days Mon/ Wed/ Sat. 

New blog Sue’s Trifles

February 2013 New poetry page Haiku

23 January blog carnival Hints and tips

January 2013

New pages added in Music, front page and 3 links

in Writing front page added, Win’s windings moved and two new pages added

Book reviews, front page and two book reviews added.