Book review: You Beneath Your Skin

Book cover

I follow Damyanti Biswas’ blog. As far as I remember I became aware of her through the A to Z Challenge a number of years ago. A long time ago when You Beneath Your Skin by Damyanti Biswas was available free on Kindle I attempted to download it, but met with some technical difficulties. I was unsure I wanted to read this book, which is described as ‘A gripping urban contemporary crime novel’. I knew it included acid attacks on women in India.
So I didn’t attempt to solve the technical problem.

When I tried to download The Beloved, I encountered a similar problem, but was determined to read this book. I filled in the dialogue box, which had appeared and registered my Kindle app. (I had last used it before a system upgrade.)

To my surprise I later discovered that I had two other new books in my Kindle Library. I began to read You Beneath Your Skin and found it gripping, but emotionally demanding. I read it in eight days. (Reading books on my laptop is not my favourite pastime!)

The number of characters (with names unfamiliar to me) was a little confusing at first, but as the story progressed I became better acquainted with them and with their relationships to one another. My knowledge of India is confined to what I have read or heard about it. I have never travelled there.

The story is gripping. There is also a convincing back-story, which emerges gradually. The perpetrators of crimes are identified, but with plenty of suspense. Relationships within families are important.

I found the book extremely readable, interesting, well-written and exciting. It gives an insight into many aspects of life in an Indian city and Indian multilingual culture. Somehow all aspects of life have been included without seeming contrived. There are unexpected turns of event.

The author’s profits from this book are used to support two charities. One helps survivors of acid attacks and the other helps underprivileged children. You Beneath Your Skin highlights the need for such charitable work.

I am glad that I eventually read it.

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