Rondelet Paint chip poetry challenge

This week Linda Kruschke’s challenge is for a rondelet.

Don’t forget to click through to her post for the whole challenge, the paint chip colours, Linda’s poem and the responses of others.

From the poetry dictionary:

‘The rhyme and refrain scheme is AbAabbA (capital A = refrain). The refrain lines (A) each contain four syllables; the other lines (a and b) each contain eight syllables.’

Linda’s challenge:

‘Your challenge is to write a rondelet using one of the paint chip words or phrases as part of your refrain. You can use however many of the other words and phrases as you want in the other lines.
The paint chip words and phrases you have to choose from are firefly, zephyr, fig leaf, key lime, night, rainstorm, and cabin in the woods.

‘Obviously that last phrase won’t work for the refrain because it is more than four syllables. To add to the challenge, I want the title of your poem to be that final paint chip: cabin in the woods.’

Cabin in the Woods

Sheltered at night
From being soaked in a rainstorm,
Sheltered at night
We watch for beams of pale moonlight,
Sheltered from becoming too warm,
Far away from town’s milling swarm,
Sheltered at night.


Paint chip catch-up

Linda Krushke’s paint chip challenge this week following the sad loss of her sister:

‘Today’s challenge is a free write, any form you want, or you can write free verse. Rhyme or not, the choice is yours. The only stipulation is that you use at least ten of the fifteen paint chip words and phrases. If you want, you can write about someone you love and miss, which is what I’ll be doing.

The paint chip words and phrases you have to work with are sunflower, watermelon, pool, in your eyes, clear skies, before the rain, margarita, hot sauce, zest for life, heavenly, sunshine, total eclipse, out of the blue, the whole enchilada, and yellow brick road.’

Don’t forget to click through to Linda’s post to read her poem, and to see the paint chip colours and the responses of other paint chip poets. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her wider family at this time.

Although my own sister died almost 41 years ago (aged 24) I have never previously written a poem about her.

My sister

It is from my early life
My memories of my only sister
Remain – for over forty years
Her friends and family have missed her.

To me as a two-year-old
Her arrival came out of the blue.
When she was ill, Mum nursed us all;
I had whooping cough and Dad had flu!

Her zest for life caused Helen
To excel at sport, dancing and judo.
We used to walk miles to the pool
Under clear blue skies, not in snow.

She loved to bask in sunshine,
And to eat honeydew melon – sweeter
Than watermelon. She had friends,
Who would travel far to meet her.

A calceolaria was
Her favourite of the hothouse flowers,
Not a fuchsia like our Mum’s choice,
Or even fast-growing sunflowers.

We saw the yellow brick road
On the cinema screen in Rochdale, Lancs,
And projected by lights – Wizard
Of Oz on Ice – a family treat. Thanks.

She baked heavenly buns
Using ingredients in proportions
From our family recipe.
Against cancer there were no precautions.

Had you known her at all well,
I’m sure you’d remember her as a friend,
Recalling with tears in your eyes
Her life coming to an early end.


A paint chip poem

This week’s challenge from Linda Kruschke is, ‘What is a paint chip poem?’ Do visit her blog to see the colours, her poem and other responses to this challenge.

‘My challenge to you is to write a poem that conveys an experience or an emotion, or that is simply your beautiful arrangement of words to convey whatever you like. You can either pick one word and flesh out what it inspires in you, or use at least five of the seven paint chip words offered today. Bonus points for using all seven.

The paint chips I picked today are pearly gates, habanero, mud, pins and needles, breezy, quicksand, and indigo.

It’s an odd selection, I admit, and few seem to go together. Although I can certainly see mud and quicksand showing up in the same poem.’

Nefarious connections

Sensations caused by habanero, mud
And quicksand are various.
Digestion may be breezy; toes with
Pins and needles tingle – hilarious
Thoughts, then dark mood indigo
As pearly gate entry is never vicarious.