What I have learned during April about social media

Well, the Blogging from A to Z Challenge is over and (apart from my Reflections post) I have free rein to post on this blog.

I hope you have noticed that I now have a new blog, where I am out and about with my phone camera and reporting back.  Sue’s words and pictures would appreciate a visit from you.

I have learned more about hashtags.  Previously I was unaware that some hashtags have been registered for a particular use.  I knew that they were hyperlinks and easy to follow on TweetDeck or to search.  There is a website, where they can be claimed.

Some hashtags of particular help to bloggers are #ArchiveDay (Saturday), where archive blogposts are shared.





Another blogger has save me the trouble of writing more about these.


#FF (Friday follow; Tweeps recommend others to their followers)

There are rules for each of the hashtags to avoid opportunist use and spammers.

#SundayBlogShare is run by @suzie81blog http://suzie81speaks.com/2015/03/21/blog-advice-1-increasing-your-traffic/

Other useful information may be found by clicking on the links below.



The Blogging from A to Z in April Challenge uses #AtoZChallenge and #AZchat.

The organisers of the UK Blog Awards also have a twitter chat – #bloghour.

And there are many others for specific groups and events. #GE2015 is currently a favourite as the UK General Election approaches.

Of course some people use invented hashtags for their humorous effect.  For example #thingspeopledontsaytoyouafterthreeweekslambing

If I counted correctly, this saved @herdyshepherd1 at least ten characters compared with correct spacing and punctuation in the same phrase.

The use of upper case (capital) letters is recommended to avoid people dividing the string of letters in an unintended way.  I have been trying to think of an invented string, which could be read in more than one way.  The best I have come up with is #warmandreading #WarmAndReading #WarManDreading

Have you a favourite hashtag?

Having prepared and scheduled this post, I learned from another blogger, that there is a linky for “What I learned in April”

The other linked posts may be more spiritual, but I hope mine will save others some time.

Having free rein could be compared with Psalm 32, which mentioned a bit and bridle.

The UK Blog Awards 2015

It is time to vote for the blogs entered for the UK Blog Awards.  Last year both my blogs were entered and (surprisingly) short-listed.  I decided not to enter again.  My goals are towards improving my writing and possibly becoming the author of a book or books.

Over the last year I have learned a great deal by taking part in the UK Blog Awards.  I experimented with a static front page for my blog, took part in a Twitter chat (#BlogHour) on several occasions and discovered new blogs and bloggers.

I met some of the bloggers at the Awards ceremony and my confidence was boosted by the whole experience.

I have just had a look at the list of blogs competing for this year’s awards.  Two of the blogs listed have been mentioned on Twitter or my WordPress Reader.  They are both worthy of a vote.  Both were short-listed last year.  Wildlife gadget man actually won!  (Which reminds me that the bird-box on our garage is inhabited overnight by at least one blue-tit.)

It is quick and easy to vote.  The instructions and rules are set out on the linked page of the Blog awards website.    There are lots of blogs to investigate as well.  I think I’ll wait until the shortlists are out and then explore some new (to me) blogs.  The hashtags to use to help promote your favourite blogs are #UKBA15 and #BeBold.

I have voted for my favourite inanimate blogger, Fletch the Perchcrow.  Last year he asked me to represent him at the awards ceremony.  (Actually it was Alex, who asked me.  She has her own blog, where she is describing the progress of her second novel.)  Several of the other bloggers at the awards evening were interested to hear about a scarecrow in a National Trust garden.

Arlee Bird, the founder of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge in April also asked me to be an ambassador for that.  It was useful to have something to bring to conversations with people I had not met before.  I did not want to bore people by just talking my own blogs.  I met some completely new people and found their blogs later.

I had already decided before the evening that I would not enter again.  It was a memorable evening and I am happy to have been involved with the 1st UK Blog Awards.  My best wishes go to all this year’s entrants.  My advice to them is to promote their blogs, make useful contacts and above all, enjoy the experience.

Blogging overview continued

Continuing my summary of blog posts from the spring until now, I find that the next three are related to my faith in God.

Do you pray?  Is there any point in praying?

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Book review:  Adrian Plass and the Church Weekend A humorous book

If I ruled the world was a response to the Daily prompt.

Last but not least another Daily prompt in which I was able to write some more about my experiences at the UK Blog Awards.

A word cloud was an experiment in using a different tool

Guilty pleasure was another Daily prompt

My 350th post used a Weekly writing prompt

No contest a Daily prompt

An early obsession another Daily prompt about a hobby

Knitted hats includs a knitting pattern

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Game of Groans a daily prompt

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Short trips out included a visit to blogging friends

Weaving the threads Fiction using a prompt from 365 days of writing prompts

Write, you are… A daily prompt

Blogging opinion poll How often to post?

IE Day A post about my beliefs and motivation.  Now what is IE?


To be continued…