Book review: Three Vicars Talking

Book cover

Three Vicars Talking is a transcript of a radio series in which Revds Richard Coles, Kate Bottley and Giles Fraser talk about aspects of their lives as vicars. There is additional background information about the context of the series, which was interrupted by the pandemic. I was lent this book by a friend.

The programmes were about death, marriage and birth (baptism), Easter and Christmas. I had not heard the programmes and I have not seen any of these vicars on TV. I do know a little about them through having followed them all on Twitter for a few years.

There is humour, and some serious misunderstandings of the Christian faith are addressed. I could relate to some of the anecdotes as I have sung in a church choir for many years, seeing the congregation and main players at baptisms, weddings and funerals from a similar viewpoint to that of the clergy.

It is an interesting book, which makes the programmes accessible to the hard-of-hearing as well as people, who missed the programmes.

Three Vicars Talking is published by SPCK.

It is available in hardback and as an ebook.