A sign and crafty projects

At the weekend hubby and I had an outing to Keswick.  I have already written about it in a post (with my first slide show ever) on my words and pictures blog.  As we were approaching Hope Park I was stopped in my tracks by what I read on a blackboard outside a café.  Amusing signs have long been a source of inspiration to photographers or snappers up of unconsidered trifles.

Skinny people are easier to kidnap!

Be warned!

I don’t know where the author of this one found inspiration.  I am still telling my friends about it.  There was a mystery at the same time that I noticed the sign.  A busker had disappeared.  I hope he was simply eating cake and that it was nothing more sinister.

In other news I completed a coat and larger bonnet and bootees using the pattern featured in an earlier post.  For any knitters, who might be interested, I have a few hints and tips.  I used circular needles (one at a time, working backwards and forwards) for most of this project.  The coat is knitted in one piece to the armholes and the stitches fit more comfortably on an 80cm circular needle than on a pair of knitting needles.  It also helps for bootees as the stitches, which need to be held, while the instep is being knitted remain on the needle.  Ordinary knitting needles might be OK for the sleeves, but the yoke is best on a circular needle.

Baby coat

Baby coat

Finding somewhere without shadows to take the photo of the coat was a problem.  In the end I found a bright spot with uniform shade!

I had a really useful idea this week, when I tried on a pair of trousers to adjust the fit.  As I was going to put extra elastic inside the waistband, I put the trousers on inside out.  It was then easy to pin the elastic in place.

Perhaps I need a sign.  Danger radiation hazard – brainwaves!

Have you seen any funny signs or had any good ideas recently?