What I read in July 2020 (Part 2)

I have only read one more book this month. While browsing the available ebooks from BorrowBox I found The Anna Karenina Fix by Viv Groskop. The bright cover and endorsements on it enticed me to borrow it. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The only other book I have read which intersperses the author’s life experiences with information about books is Lucy Mangan’s Bookworm: a memoir of childhood reading.

Viv Groskop’s memories start at the time she decided to study Russian. She is trying to solve a personal mystery, which she weaves into the discussion of books. Her book is written for a general readership, but those with additional knowledge of Russian language and/or literature may enjoy it more. I studied Russian to O-level and years ago I read (in translation) at least two of the books she featured. The author finds parallels in her own life with the content of each book she mentions. Although I dislike reading ebooks, I found this fascinating, entertaining and informative. It has inspired me to borrow another ebook, this time one of the books she wrote about. (I have to wait another 2 weeks for library to reopen!)