Alphabet rhyme: Z

My posts for the Blogging from A to Z in April Challenge 2016, here on Sue’s Trifles each consist of one line of a rhyme.  I have managed to provide an illustration for each letter.

Bag with stripes like a zebra

Bag with stripes like a zebra

Z is for zebra.  Are there stripes on its tongue?

As this is the final post for the challenge, I have included the whole rhyme here. Please scroll down to read it. To see all the illustrations, a list of posts is here. All the links are now active.

Sue’s Words and Pictures is also a participant in A to Z in April.

Alphabet rhyme

A is for arrow, pointing the way.
B is for beach in a sandy bay.

C is for cog, which goes round and round.
D is for dog, which may be a greyhound.

E is for egg – will something hatch out?
F is for forest – there are lots of trees about.

G is for goldfish hatched from an egg.
H is for hand not joined to a leg.

I is for icicle frozen from drips.
J is for jeans, which are fastened with zips.

K is for knob to open a door.
L is for light, which lets us see more.

M is for marrow, a large vegetable.
N is for narrow.  Squeeze through if you’re able!

O is for oblong, which is a rectangle.
P is for parachute not in a tangle.

Q is for question to help us to learn.
R is for rhyme, where sounds take their turn.

S is for sunshine to brighten the day.
T is for toys, with which we play.

U is for udder with milk from a cow.
V is for vanish.  Can you see me now?

W is for wood from trees, which make it up.
X is for xylophone.  Are you going to take it up?

Y is for youth or when you are young.
Z is for zebra.  Are there stripes on its tongue?