Think again

On Twitter I noticed a video about the damage that carbon dioxide is doing to the seabed. I have been interested in the effects of industry on the environment for a long time. The awareness of these issues among the general public has been raised recently by many people, but especially by David Attenborough.

I had also had a conversation with a younger person about the unknown effects of 5G and electromagnetic fields in general.

As it was a while since I had written any verse, I put pen to paper last week and came up with the following:-

Think again

“What the market will bear”,
Doesn’t consider the air.
Air-conditioning keeps us cool,
But heats the outside as a rule.
We think we need to travel fast,
But how long will the fuel last?
Plastic is useful and cheap,
But it pollutes the oceans deep.
Industry makes for prosperity,
But what if it wipes out posterity?
“Nature can take care of itself!”
No, it is being destroyed by stealth.
Carbon dioxide in the air
Increases acidity everywhere.
Acid rain affects the trees,
Dissolves the bottom of the seas.
If more and more species perish,
What will there be left to cherish?
Can we turn the deadly tide?
Must we go for that car ride?
Do we need to buy more stuff
Can we say, “Enough’s enough”?
When carbon footprints are a reason,
Can we only buy food in season?
Everything is getting worse…
…Just like my attempts at verse.
So, dear reader, take a minute
To ponder the earth and all that’s in it.
It was created for good, for us to look after,
For sustenance, fruitfulness, joy and laughter.

Yesterday was National Poetry Day

Yesterday was National Poetry Day.  A facebook page intended to encourage writers in the county where I live requested poems about Water.

I looked through my folders and found this one which I wrote years ago and entered in a competition organised by the National Trust.

What do you think?  Has my writing style changed?


Sea: Son et Lumière

Shimmering, silent in an ink-black sea
Under a tranquil blue-black sky
The silver disc shines magically.

By daylight waves rise, roll over green-grey,
And break white-topped, (wind driving spray),
Crash on the pebbles, then grate away.

Rhythmic wave patterns rise, over, fall; crash!
Undertow sucking shingle; spray; splash!
Storm throwing stones high on the prom; smash!

Summer sunset lights sky and sea with gold;
A scintillating pathway, old
Legends of monsters and giants told.

The sun sinks slowly then, as if pulled down,
Faster beyond the horizon.
Pink tints spread from departed crimson.

Being powerful, always changing shade,
Audible, salty, buoyant made
Vast seas things of which to be afraid –

A challenge for sailors and fishermen
And for those drawn to the sea again
Who describe it with paintbrush or pen.

All rights reserved.