R is for Redemption, Resurrection and risen

My posts for the A to Z Challenge this year are all about the Easter Story, recorded in 4 books of the New Testament: the Gospels. Image in sidebar links to Theme Reveal post.

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For this year’s A to Z challenge I am highlighting some important words from the Easter story.

Redemption is a word meaning buying back. Through the events of Easter Jesus of Nazareth became the Redeemer (or Saviour) of the world. Isaiah 44:6

Resurrection Sunday is another name for Easter Day. This marks the climax of the Easter story. On Good Friday Jesus was put to death by crucifixion and laid in a tomb by Joseph of Arimathea. (Letter J, Letter D and Letter C) The following day was the Sabbath, when no work was allowed.

On the morning of the third day the women went to finish preparing Jesus’ body for burial. Arriving at the tomb, they found that the stone had been rolled away. The body was missing and the grave-clothes were neatly folded. John 20:1-18, Matthew 28:1-15  and Luke 24:1-12

Jesus had predicted that he would die and be raised from death on the third day, but his disciples had not understood. Matthew 16:21

Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene first, then to other disciples. (Letter M) Thomas was not there and found it difficult to believe that Jesus really was alive. When Jesus appeared to Thomas as well as the others, he invited him to touch his wounds to make sure he really was the risen Christ. John 20:19-29 See also Acts 10:39-41

Resurrection is the word meaning to come back to life from death.

On Easter Day Christians use the greeting: Christ is risen! The reply is: He is risen indeed!

Because Jesus overcame death He is alive for evermore and gives us the possibility of eternal life. (Letter E)

Easter Sunday

This post comes towards the end of the A to Z Challenge. Yesterday was the Letter R; tomorrow will be Letter S.

Both these letters appear in the word Easter. They also are required for the word Risen. On Easter Day Christians traditionally greet one another with the words, Christ is risen. The reply is, He is risen indeed, Alleluia!

During Lent (the weeks preceding Easter) Alleluia is rarely heard. On Easter Day God is praised with alleluias.

Have you watched the film, Risen?

Easter is a movable feast. That means that it does not have a fixed date like Christmas does. Instead it is calculated from the phases of the moon. Western and Eastern Christians do not agree on the date. Easter in the West coincides with Passover this year. (Does it always?) The first Easter occurred at Passover. On Palm Sunday I had to read the words of the chief priest in a dramatised reading. “We must not do it during the festival or the people will riot.”

They were plotting to have Jesus Christ, the Son of God put to death by crucifixion. This happened on a Friday. It is remembered on Good Friday. On the third day Jesus rose from the dead. That is what is celebrated on Easter Sunday and throughout the Easter season. Jesus had predicted that this would happen, but his disciples had been unable to understand. I am quoting below from my earlier post on this subject: Easter Day

If you are celebrating Easter, I wish you a joyful Eastertide. If you are unfamiliar with the Easter story, it can be read on the Bible Gateway website. The story is told in each of the Gospels: Matthew 27:32-28:15Mark 15:21-16:8Luke 23:26-24:50  and John 19:16-20:30  If you are reading it for the first time, what do you think?

I pray that you will encounter the risen Lord and know the peace and joy which He offers to those who put their trust in Him.