A question for my bookish readers

I have recently read a post about how to write book reviews. It ends with the statement that the reviewer should include the details about the book including Publisher, price and ISBN. While I agree with that for reviews of recent or forthcoming books aimed at print publications, I do not consider it to be essential online.

What I try to do is include a link in my reviews to the publisher’s website or even to Amazon. One reason is that I know that my blog is available to be read worldwide. Also I write about books I have read, which may not be newly published. Some may even be out of print.

My next post will be one or more book reviews, but meanwhile what do you think about this?

Please vote in the poll.


Colours again

After all the hoo-ha about “that dress”, I wrote a post about colour perception and crochet.

I always find it interesting to knit from the same pattern using different colours or the same colours reversed.

Recently I shared the photo of a baby garment I knitted.  I had (deliberately) bought too much yarn.  For my next project (after knitting bootees and a bonnet) I knitted the same outfit in the larger size with the colours reversed.  I did not knit another bonnet.  I had designed this myself by adapting another pattern and substituting the stitches from the jacket pattern.  Until it has been tested on a real baby, I am not sure that it is a good design.

All the patterns I have for baby clothes are about thirty years old or more.

Reversed colours

Reversed colours

Anyhow, without more ado, I present a photo of the jackets in two colour ways – white and pink and pink and white.  (Clicking on the photo enlarges it.)

For a bit of fun, I am adding a poll.  Which colours do you prefer, the larger or the smaller?  


Blogging opinion poll

I’m not going to be able to respond to today’s Daily Prompt as I’m going out (again!).  This time I’m going on a hobby-related trip.  Perhaps I’ll write about it later.

I’ve just updated my contents page, so if you’ve only just found my blog -hello new followers 🙂  – do pop over and see what you’ve been missing.

I’ve a post ready for tomorrow – something a little bit different – and on Tuesday, I’ll be welcoming my first guest blogger.  I hope you’ll encourage her by commenting and by visiting her on-line homes.

What do you think about blogging frequency? If someone is blogging every day do people see as many of their posts as if they blog alternate days for instance.

Please let me know what you think.