Music and me

The prompt from 365 days of blogging prompts asks about the part music plays in my life.
It is a very important part of my life.
At home there is often music playing on the radio.  Hubby is usually the one who switches it on.  (Once recently he was surprised it was on as he did not recall having switched it on.  I had seen on Twitter that a piece of music I particularly like was on next.)   Sometimes the music is classical (either secular or religious), other times it is jazz.  I like lots of music, but I really do not like so-called grand opera.  I do enjoy Gilbert and Sullivan, having been taken to a few performances at the Savoy, in preference to pantomimes around Christmas.
Listening to (or shutting out background) music is rather passive.  Attending a concert or other event where there is live music is quite different from listening with half an ear while engaged in other activities.
I enjoy taking part.  I play four different sizes of recorder, piano and sing alto in two choirs. My piano playing is mainly in private at present.  Hubby encourages me.  I hardly ever practise my recorder playing and do not go to a group at present.  I dust one or other of them off about three or four times a year to play in a church service after a single rehearsal (or two at the most).  Hubby waits until I am out to blow on his trombone.  (Not that I have ever complained about it.  I think he is shy.  He says it is too loud!)
Many of our relatives are musical, several of them having been in or currently being members of bands.

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Blog Every Day in November is a challenge hosted by Elizabeth of Rosalilium a lifestyle blog Today’s topic is How do you relax on Sunday?

Sunday is traditionally a day of rest or Sabbath.  This is important.  It is one of the Ten Commandments.  The Jews were very strict in their observation of the Sabbath.  Jesus shocked them on many occasions by the things He did on the Sabbath.  He healed the sick on a number of Sabbaths.  So how can we observe the Sabbath in the modern world?  God has made it clear that it is important that we rest and do not work every day.  We have our weekends, which for many people are not working days.  However for others working shifts means that some weekends are workdays for them and some weekdays are not.  There are many tasks which cannot be left undone on any day of the week.  However, I believe that there are certain days (Sundays, Good Friday and other Holy days) when shops should be closed.  Holy day is after all the derivation of our word holiday.

So what about my Sundays?

As I am in the church choir, I have to be ready for a fairly early start.  We have a practice each Sunday (except in August) beginning one hour before the service.  We practise most of the hymns and an anthem for that morning’s worship, we learn new anthems or practise carols or other works, which will be needed later in the year.  As I sing alto, I have to read the music and listen to the piano and other singers to learn my part.  It is much harder work than just singing the tune!

In the service the choir has to concentrate and be ready to lead the congregation in words and music.  After the service I like to stay for a drink of coffee and a chat with various people.  I like to give out leaflets and any other items of information, which people may forget to pick up.

I sometimes chat with visitors.  Usually there is at least one other person to walk part of the way home with at lunch-time.

There are plenty of programmes on Radio Three which hubby likes to listen to on a Sunday afternoon.  I am not good at sitting and doing nothing, so after lunch (prepared by hubby) I might sit and knit or read.  I have to confess I do not make this a computer-free day, although I try not to do much writing at the weekend!  I may also play the piano at some stage in the day.  If the weather is fine we sometimes go for a walk.  I may do my homework for the Bible study group I attend.

I usually make a roast dinner on Saturday, so that there is something left-over, which requires less preparation time the next day.

In the evening we sometimes play games such as Scrabble and Rummikub.