Customer satisfaction

This daily prompt could hardly have been more timely.

A couple of months ago a different, highly recommended piano tuner came and tuned my piano.  (It had been sadly neglected.)

Afterwards he explained that the piano was not working in the way it should be and that he could put it right.  Today was the day he returned to do it.

It was a mechanical problem and he was able to talk while he fixed it, unlike the day he tuned the piano, when he had to concentrate on listening to the piano and we kept out of his way.

We had some entertainment when he dismantled it and found dates stamped (as in library books) at frequent intervals for over a decade from 1918.  A previous piano tuner must have been leaving his mark!  He also found some printing.  It looked like an imprint from a rubber stamp, but on closer inspection, I realised it was in mirror writing – ink had been transferred from a newspaper.  It was a little patchy, but the top (in Gothic script) said Dienstag.  The only other complete word was mit.  The piano tuner imagined that someone had put the part down on a newspaper in the factory.  Tuesday and with do not tell much of a story.

He had asked to use our vacuum cleaner to remove the dust from the mechanism.  I joked that there was probably a century’s worth of dust.  He agreed and the dates more or less corroborated this.

Notice the dust below the keys

Notice the dust below the keys

After I had responded to the latest daily prompt I went out for most of the morning.  (My husband was in charge at home.)

After lunch when the piano tuner resumed work, he and I were talking about customer service and how it varies from place to place.  Then I switched my computer on to check out what was happening in the world of blogs.  Lo and behold, the daily prompt was about customer service!

Someone who talks about customer service should be leading the way in delivering it.  The piano tuner arrived at the time he promised, did the job he had identified and completed the work and cleared up after himself by the time he had told us he would leave.

He asked me to try out the piano towards the end of the work and it has changed (for the better).  When I get used to not having to compensate for the hammers not hitting the strings at the correct moment and to the range of dynamics I can now achieve without over-using the loud pedal it will be amazing.  My playing already sounds far better than before.

So today I am a happy customer.