A peg bag

A peg bag

On a rainy morning I did some tidying and suddenly noticed that our peg bag, which I made a long time ago, was badly frayed around the opening. I decided to make a new one from fabric in my stash.

The previous one was too long, so I made a shorter one. When I made the earlier one, I used three pieces of the main fabric – one for the back and two for the front. This made it easy to bind the opening with a contrasting fabric.

This time I used a single piece of fabric for the whole bag. There is a fold at one side. I sewed the top bottom and side seams before carefully cutting a straight opening. Sewing the binding fabric on was a bit tricky!

I hand-finished the binding and strengthened the small hole in the top seam, through which the coat-hanger passes.

Having made this on the spur of the moment, I didn’t stop to plan properly. An easier way of making this would have been to cut the opening before joining the seams. Then I could have bound the edges on a flat piece of material. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!