Book review: The Garden beyond

The other Kindle book, which came as a surprise to me after I downloaded The Beloved, was The Garden Beyond by K. A. Austin. (I mentioned my surprise additions to my Kindle library here.)

Book cover: The Garden beyond

The Garden beyond is the second book in a trilogy. The other titles are The Garden and The Garden within. Not having read The Garden, I found that The Garden beyond needed some background information for me to appreciate it fully. A little research informed me that these books resulted from Kate Austin’s regular prayer walks accompanied by the Teacher, the Good Shepherd.

As well as the Kindle edition these books are available as paperbacks. They are descriptive and visionary, using word pictures to communicate spiritual truths. The only similar book I have ever read is Keren Dibbens-Wyatt’s book, Recital of Love.

The Garden beyond is a book, which can be returned to many times and new images and ideas will come to the fore.

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