Golden Globes: American Hustle wins three awards

Today’s prompt caused me some problems.  While I try to keep abreast of important events in the local area, in Britain and around the world, I do not feel qualified to write about them.

I went to the BBC website and looked at the news pages.  The third news item was about American Hustle winning three awards.  I clicked across to Reuters’ website and found it featured there too.

I hadn’t even heard of Golden Globes or American Hustle.  So once again I have learned something through researching a blog post!  The award is for a comic or musical film.  (If I skim read it correctly.)

So I began to ponder why awards are covered so prominently by the media.  Is all this competition healthy?  What are the driving forces which lead to some endeavours resulting in awards and others not?  It is not long since the New Year Honours list was published in the UK.  I read in the local paper that two people of my acquaintance have each been awarded an MBE.  At least places outside large cities are also remembered.  There are many people doing their best and making a difference in the world, without being publicly recognised.  We cannot all be winners.  Involvement is what really counts.

Even bloggers are not immune from the allure of awards ceremonies.

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Today’s Daily prompt

Click over to whatever website you visit most frequently to get news. Find the third headline on the page. Make sure that headline is in your post.

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