Another 2 books I read in October 2020

I have not been visiting the library as I have lots of reading matter to choose from. The two books reviewed here are one from BorrowBox and a paperback which came into my possession recently. (Regular readers may be amused to learn that I have now discovered how to navigate around a book on BorrowBox. Until October I could only turn the pages one at a time. Now I can find chapters, maps, and anything else which makes up the book! I still find it a little frustrating that it can take much longer to open an electronic book than a printed one, but there are some advantages to reading on a phone.)

The Phone Box at the Edge of the World by Laura Imai Messina

This book was available on BorrowBox. It has the tagline: we all have something left tell those we have lost. It is set in Japan in the aftermath of the tsunami of 2011. This novel is written very simply, but is very powerful evoking empathy for the emotions of the characters. It is a story of hope. The book has been translated from Italian as the author is Italian, but living in Japan. The phone box on the edge of the world is real. It is not a tourist attraction, but people still visit it to voice the thoughts they wish to share with their departed loved ones. In the story it has great therapeutic value (although it is not something I’d advocate as a Christian).

My not so Perfect Life by Sophie Kinsella

This contemporary novel is set in London and Somerset. There are huge contrasts in the protagonist’s life in the two places. She is hardly the same person. Coming to terms with her true identity has some remarkable consequences not only for her. The twists in the plot make it a page-turner. There is humour as well as characters with interesting back-stories. If you enjoyed It started with a Tweet by Anna Bell, you’d probably enjoy My not so Perfect Life.