Carolling merrily

‘Tis the season to be jolly,

As a member of two choirs I have done my fair share of carolling this Advent.

We began with an Advent carol service at 4 pm on Sunday 24th November.  It was not yet Advent, but both the choir and the church building were needed the following week (Advent Sunday) for a Light up a Life service.

Then we began rehearsing in earnest for our Christmas carol service.

I also sing in a smaller choir, which gave a concert on December 16th to an appreciative audience in the same building.  The singing was interspersed with readings.  One of the carols we sang was in French and another in Latin.

Yesterday we had our Nine Lessons and Carols.  Some younger members of the choir were home from university or back from their term-time work.  Others were away for the holidays, but we had a very good number for a village.  We are also fortunate to have more than one extremely competent organist.  This meant our organist and choir-master was able to conduct and leave the playing to a deputy.  This time we sang one song in Welsh!

Outside the church building last week I was also involved in carol singing around the village and for guests at a local hotel.  Then we had a sing-song at the vicarage at the last weekly coffee morning of the year.  As it happened I was able to sit with two other altos for this and we extemporised from memory, not having music copies of the carols.

One more service to look forward to with the full choir and then it really will be Christmas.

A former member of our church choir has made a new arrangement and recording of a carol.  (It is her version of the French one I mentioned earlier.)  I hope you enjoy it as part of your festivities.



Today’s Daily Prompt asks about procrastination: What have you been putting off doing? Why?

I used to procrastinate a lot when I was young – I ended up doing everything at the last minute.  Later on I gave myself a motto; “Do it now”.  I did seem to get more done, but neither approach is ideal.

Now I try to balance my activities while trying to do the most urgent tasks first.  My “to do” list is rather long.  That doesn’t worry me unduly, but there is one item on it which I really must attend to.

I need to book a refresher course in driving.  I had planned to do it before my birthday, but I was going on holiday for two weeks.  Then I had company for three weeks, now I am busy with all sorts of things, but I really must get around to it.  (Did you ever see a decorated plate with the words “A round tuit” on it?)

It is almost a year since we chose a car I felt comfortable about the prospect of driving.

Procrastinate means put off until tomorrow.  (Pro cras in Latin is for tomorrow.)  My procrastination is almost proannumation.  Annus is Latin for year!  And perhaps I have coined a new word!

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Alphabetical challenge

This post is written in response to the daily prompt: A to Z.

Alphabetical challenges are nothing new.

Bloggers in profusion posted in an orderly fashion in April.

Challenges of every kind attract competitive types.

Daily targets must be met.

Every entrant should take a look at what other participants have written.

Freshly pressed is a status symbol.

Greenhorns have much to gain by reading the documentation.

History could be a category or tag.

Information is available on the worldwide web.

Judging between competition entries must be difficult at times.

Knowledge is shared by kind people.

Links can help readers find information.

Managing comments might be interesting.

Nothing venture; nothing win.

Opening paragraphs pull in readers (or not!)

Punctuation helps make sense of long sentences.

Questions and answers are now known as FAQs in many cases.

Rhyme and reason sometimes coexist.

Some seniors have time to write.

Television is less interactive than blogging…

…Unless a blogger is interviewed by a presenter!

Versatile bloggers share awards.

Words appear even on photographic posts.

Xylophones are named after the Latin Greek for wood.

Young people may be exceptionally gifted writers.

Zebras feature on the WordPress Pachyderm theme.

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