Book review: The Pilgrim by Joy Margetts

Front cover of The Pilgrim. Title is like an illuminated manuscript. Below is a stained glass window depicting pilgrims.

I received a free copy of The Pilgrim from the publisher, Instant Apostle. My loyal readers may remember that I have posted enthusiastically about Joy Margetts two earlier books, The Healing and The Beloved. The first thing I noticed about it was that it is a little thicker than The Healing. I as pleased about that as there was more to enjoy! (The Healing has 223 pages and The Pilgrim has 270.)

I read The Pilgrim from cover to cover the day I received it. It was light reading with a hopeful message suitable for convalescents. (I was recovering from a sore throat.) I was keen to find out what was going to happen in the book. There is rather a lot! It could be a book to return to.

The Pilgrim Will a pilgrim’s path be his saving grace? is the prequel to The Healing. Readers of The Healing enjoyed the wisdom of one of the supporting characters. In The Pilgrim we have a chance to find out more about how his character was formed. As he makes his pilgrimage from Abbey Cwmhir to the Island of the Saints, he learns about his fellow pilgrims and begins to understand himself and his faith better. Each pilgrim has his/her own story with its hopes and fears. The loose ends are tied up nicely as we are led towards the beginning of The Healing.

Although I read these books in the order they were written, it wouldn’t matter which order they were read in. Each stands alone.

There are relevant quotes from the Psalms between the chapters. These include verses from penitential psalms, other psalms reflecting the mood of the main character with the final upbeat Psalm being the Passion translation of Psalm 103.

The sketch map of the route is helpful. And there are horses!

Signed paperback copies of The Pilgrim may be bought from Joy Margetts’ website. It will be available in Paperback and for Kindle from 22nd July 2022.

Joy Margetts

Joy Margetts is a regular contributor to the online magazine, Mom’s Favorite Reads. A story about two of the characters from The Pilgrim appeared in the July edition on page 77. If you read it before The Pilgrim you will know more of the background. If (as I did) you read it afterwards, it is an interesting story.

Her blog is listed on Bible Gateway’s Blogger Grid.

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Paint chip letter in verse

Linda Kruschke has reached the letter V in her poetry dictionary. Do visit her blog to see what the definition is, the paint chip colours and the poem she has written. Please read the other poems for this prompt and perhaps write your own.

Linda writes:

‘Your challenge today is to write a verse letter. You can choose to write it as an open letter, a letter to the editor, or a letter to a friend or relative. It could be a letter to anyone you choose, even a fictional character of your own making. It doesn’t have to be long or particularly eloquent. I hope it will be a letter from the heart.

The paint chip words and phrases you have to work with are monk’s robe, relish, tongue-tied, night owl, black cat, red clay, and sunburst.
I would like you to use at least four of these words and phrases in your verse letter. Bonus points for anyone who figures out how to work monk’s robe into their verse.’

An electronic letter from Sue

To write a letter in verse – let’s see
If I’ll relish the challenge or tongue-tied be…

Dear Joy, The prompt of monk’s robe must
Have made me think of your book. I fussed
About it for your blog tour. Your hero Hywel
Has a name rhyming with night owl!

You once wrote a verse about me and a friend
I hope our friendships will never end.
A letter by blog post isn’t stained with red clay.
You could read it now or any other day.

Were you on Zoom the day
I mentioned the black cat that wouldn’t play?
It came in through an open door
And decided it wanted to explore.

I’d like to drag ‘sunburst’ into this letter,
And by reading your blog to know you better.
Perhaps we’ll have spoken before this is posted.
Whatever happens I hope I’ve not boasted.

So, Joy, I must this letter here end,
With love and prayers for you, dear friend.

Book review: The Beloved

The Beloved by Joy Margetts is a companion book to The Healing, which I reviewed earlier. While The Healing is a novel, The Beloved is a novella. It is set in 1250 a few years later than The Healing (1231), but some of the characters will be familiar to readers of the earlier book. The tagline is ‘When Love whispers, will the heart respond?’

The Beloved is a light read suitable for Young Adult or adult readers. I read this heart-warming, well-written story the day I downloaded it. As with The Healing, passages from the Bible are included. It is available on Kindle.