A community

This post is written in response to a daily promptIdyllic.

One of the communities, which comes close to being ideal is that of the honeybee.  The bees have their own duties and an advanced form of sign-language, known as a dance.  They use it to tell other bees where to find flowers to gather pollen from.

They eat pollen, which they have carried home in special sacs on their legs and regurgitate honey.  They also produce wax, which they use to make hexagonal storage pods, known as honey comb.  There are three types of bee in a colony, the female workers, the (male) drones and one queen bee, which has been fed entirely on royal jelly to make her fertile.  The workers look after the larvae and feed the queen.  It is a complex society and an example of the wonders of nature (or creation).

It is important that bees are encouraged and protected.  They are some of the most important insects in pollination.  Without pollination crops fail.

Honey also has health benefits and has been enjoyed from early times.  Eating it nearly cost Jonathan his life.  Read about what happened in 1 Samuel 14:24-46