Book review: The Wounds of Time by SL Russell

The Wounds of Time is a stand-alone novel with a protagonist, Janet Clarke, first encountered in The Thorn of Truth by SL Russell. That second stand-alone novel is about a minor character from The Healing Knife which I reviewed here.. The earlier two books were published by Hodder, whereas The Wounds of Time is a KDP edition from Highstowe Books.

Cover of the Wounds of Time

I read a paperback copy, which I bought, rather than a Kindle e-book.

The Wounds of Time is set in 2017 with events of that year featuring strongly. It opens during Storm Doris. The book is well-written and well-researched. The story is gripping. I read it over a weekend. It contains much wisdom about relationships at work and in the family and reflects problems of the time. It is a story of redemption and reconciliation. For personal reasons I preferred the earlier books in the series and other books I have read by the same author. I know others have hailed this as SL Russell’s best book yet. It is her 9th novel.

There was a blog tour in March 2022 for The Wounds of Time allowing people to learn more about the book and the author. Participants (all members of the Association of Christian Writers like the author and myself) are listed below in no particular order.

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Penelope Swithinbank interviewed SL Russell about her faith.

Liz Carter also interviewed SL Russell

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Ruth Leigh interviewed SL Russell

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I have read and reviewed two earlier books by SL Russell – A Shed in a Cucumber Field and A Vision of Locusts.


Book Review: How to Raise an Elephant by Alexander McCall Smith

How to Raise an Elephant was in the new books area of the local library. It was published in 2020. The following (22nd) instalment was published in September 2021.

Cover of the paperback edition of How to Raise an Elephant

As I am part way through at least three nonfiction books How to Raise an Elephant was light relief. I didn’t feel any pressure to read it quickly. This recent addition to The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series fulfilled my expectations. It was calming, entertaining, surprising and wise. The setting of Botswana was used to explore the themes of climate change and sustainability in a different context from more ‘developed’ countries. This added to the interest of the story, raising viewpoints of people, who have missed out on many things taken for granted in the West.

Although I hadn’t read the book(s) immediately before this one in the series, it was easy to follow the story. This is the 14th book by Alexander McCall Smith I have reviewed on Sue’s Trifles. My links to these reviews may be found here.

Book review: City of Friends by Joanna Trollope

One of my friends seems to be as much a bookworm as I am. I spotted a book by Joanna Trollope in a pile of books my friend had read and was about to pass on to others.

City of Friends: They’ll keep you together when life falls apart… is a novel about friendships within a group of women, who met as students. I didn’t enjoy it as much as some of Joanna Trollope’s other books. Perhaps this was because it was set in the City of London with office politics and family life being important threads in the story. I didn’t really relate to the characters.

Photo of the paperback book City of Friends. Joanna Trollope The Number One Bestseller City of friends. Picture of four tall town houses. They'll keep you together when life falls apart...

Having grown up in the suburbs of London, I watched many people setting off on and returning from their daily commute to the City and resolved never to do that myself.

I am sure that many people would enjoy this book more than I did. There were interesting twists in the plot.  As in Three Women and a Boat by Anne Youngson the story begins with a woman being made redundant. There are some strong female characters, but little else in common between the two books. I preferred the previous book I read by Joanna Trollope, which had a more exotic setting, Mum and Dad.