Paint chip challenge 51 Baptismal Gowns Upstairs

From Lynda Kruschke’s post, where the whole challenge, colours and her poem may be seen:

…the title, “Baptismal Gowns Upstairs,” is a strange one for a prompt theme.
I suppose you could write about family, which is what this poem is about, at least two members of Brent’s family. Or you could pull a thread from the lines of verse themselves to spin your yarn in poem form.

Now for the paint chip words and phrases: cream of the crop, blue suede shoes, cave, ember, zest for life, sagebrush, and porcelain. I’d like you to use at least five of these words and phrases in your poem.

Zest for Life

The day of our children’s baptism was near.
What were they going to wear?
No baptismal gowns or christening robes here.
In any case our son was a nearly three-year-
Old child – too big to hold or dress in white
Porcelain-coloured clothes.
A surprise gift was just right
For our baby girl – a polite
Thank you letter went to the knitter
Of an off-white woolly dress.
The cream of the crop of sitter-
Knitters had made a garment to fit her.

I do not recall any blue suede shoes
Among the guests. Aunts and uncles
Were the godparents whose
Numbers were three twos.
Three Grandparents were there as well
As a few friends and a cake
With icing in the form of a candle
At the party in a nearby hotel.
It was October not November
No ‘Cave canem’ sign in the bar
No open fire, no glowing ember
It was a happy day, I remember.

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Paint Chip Poetry Challenge 50

I have written another poem for Linda Kruschke’s weekly challenge. This time I have included five of the words or phrases. I’d have to look up the meanings of bento box and Boundary Waters!

My earlier poems for this challenge are on my Paint Chip Poetry page either in their entirety or as a link.

Here is part of Lynda’s post. Please click the link to see her entire post with the paint chip colours and two stanzas of her earlier poem plus her poem for this challenge.

For this week’s theme, I decided to go to my first poetry book, Light in My Darkness: Poems of Hope for the Brokenhearted. My random number generator landed on page 41 and the poem on that page is titled From Grace Comes Hope.

We all need hope to keep going. I’m looking for poems about where your hope comes from. Or maybe you want to write about a time you felt hopeless? Perhaps grace will be your inspiration. I’ve only posted the first two stanzas of this poem, but if you want to read the whole thing for inspiration, you can read it here.

The paint chip words and phrases you have to work with are evergreenfernlost balloonbento boxgargoylemountain peak, and Boundary Waters. (I’m not sure why that last one is capitalized. Does anyone else know?)

I’d like you to use at least four of these seven words and phrases in your poem. Any style will do.

Lost and found

The lost balloon’s tangled string
Caught on the gargoyle, in spite
Of the gusty wind’s tugging.

In the church below, the priest
Took the floral arrangement
To show how even the least

Colourful plants can enhance
A beautiful arrangement.
Would you notice at a glance?

With evergreen laurel leaves,
Delicate maidenhair fern
Might bring hope to one who grieves.

She went on to say that grace
Is God’s gift of love and hope
Offered to the human race.

Love, Joy, Hope, Peace, Faith and Grace
Are God’s spiritual gifts
Making this a better place.

He listens when people speak
Being near to everyone
Not just on a mountain peak.

Take time to read the Holy
Bible! Its truth-filled promise
Will help you live wholly.

Redemption comes through God’s grace
And Jesus’ sacrificial love;
The faithful will see his face.

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Book review – A Beautiful Tapestry by Tracy Williamson

A Beautiful Tapestry by Tracy Williamson with Marilyn Baker is an encouraging, well-written book published by Authentic Media today (Thursday 13th November). I was privileged to be able to read a pdf file of it in September. (The author and I both blog on More than Writers and are members of a writers’ Facebook group.)

A Beautiful Tapestry; Two ordinary women, One amazing God, Many lives transformed is both biographical and autobiographical. It tells the story of two remarkable women, Marilyn Baker and the author, Tracy Williamson. The first two parts tell about their early lives and the time before they met. The rest of the book is about their ministry together.

In spite of losing her sight as a young child, Marilyn Baker became a very accomplished musician. Tracy Williamson is deaf and partially sighted due to a childhood illness. They both achieve more than many people, who do not have to contend with these limitations.

The emphasis is on the way God provides and guides people. There are sad stories and funny stories, notably the first meeting between Marilyn Baker and Tracy Williamson. They have travelled to other countries together, sharing Marilyn’s worship songs and Tracy’s insights gained through prayer. Some people attending their meetings have been healed.

As well as Marilyn and Tracy’s memories, other people have contributed their own recollections of the events described.

A Beautiful Tapestry would make a good Christmas present, but do read it yourself!

To find out more about Marylin and Tracy’s ministry, which has continued online during the pandemic, visit Marilyn Baker Ministries, where it is possible to listen to Marilyn’s music.