What every blogger should know

This is written in response to the Daily prompt: Key takeaway

The one tip I’d pass on to new bloggers is to read, mark, learn and inwardly digest all the helpful information provided by the WordPress documentation.  A list appears at the lower right hand side of the daily prompt and similar posts.  I am a readaholic (or compulsive reader) and soon discovered how to format poetry (and other writing, where the standard formatting was not what I was looking for).  If the documentation does not yield up its secrets readily, the next port of call should be the forums.  Your unanswered questions may well appear there along with helpful answers.  If not, it is possible to post a new question.

As a relatively new blogger myself I have a question for all of you who have patiently read this far.  How do you react to the Rate this post invitation which allows stars to be awarded to individual posts?  I am always delighted to have a post rated 5* but I have no idea who has been kind enough to rate a post so highly.  I have never rated any posts.  Personally I find customer feedback surveys tedious and react badly when presented with the opportunity to check boxes.

Are you a habitual giver of feedback and, if so, what are your criteria for awarding stars?