Blogging about life

So what have I been doing recently? I wrote about my blogging plans before my blogiversary. Now my blogiversary has passed I decided to write a bit about what else has been happening.

A few days before my blogiversary I received a link to the podcast of a radio interview during which I had read two of my poems. Then on the day of my blogiversary I was excited to learn that two poems, Multifaceted Light and Space and Time, which I had submitted to Agape Review had been published in their digital magazine.

So far this summer the Church choir has been involved in a Choral Evensong and a wedding. The Choral Evensong is an annual event (except when Covid put a stop to choral singing) usually on or about Trinity Sunday.

Trinity Sunday this year was the Sunday after the Platinum Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. There were lots of events around the UK and no doubt elsewhere in the Commonwealth to mark the event. I went to watch the service from St Paul’s Cathedral broadcast live on a large screen in the church. The congregation joined with those in the cathedral in singing the hymns. There were refreshments afterwards, although I went home to eat lunch instead.

The Choral Evensong included an anthem, In Our Service by Thomas Hewitt Jones, which had been specially written to mark the jubilee. The words were taken from the Queen’s speeches.

Many people decorated their homes with Union Flag bunting or an actual flag in recognition or celebration of the jubilee. There were red white and blue flowers growing in pots and flower beds. Shop windows were decorated with a jubilee theme. My photos of some of these appeared on my photography blog, Sue’s words and pictures.

Wedding decoration on handrail with decorated pebble below

For the wedding I mentioned earlier the ends of the pews had been decorated with artificial flowers arranged with ribbons and net. The following day I was given one by a former church warden, who said, ‘This will look nice on your front door!’

The decorated pebble was a gift early in the pandemic. It has appeared on a blog post before.

Two conversations, one during a chance encounter, the other in the social time after a Sunday service led to an interesting hour or so in a local open space. One of my many friends and acquaintances will be running an event at the Edinburgh Fringe. About a dozen people gathered to learn about her plans. Did you know Charles Darwin was a student of medicine in Edinburgh?

Jane Westhead speaking about ‘Darwin in Edinburgh’

There will be a chance to learn about ‘Darwin in Edinburgh’ from 4-14 August 2022. We heard about the route of the walk through Edinburgh and learned many interesting facts about Darwin and his family. It was fascinating. Find out more and book tickets in the events section of the Edinburgh fringe website. Originally conceived as a one-woman show it now involves more people and sounds exciting.