A chance conversation

On the grounds that all work and no play make Jack a dull boy, I decided that I should avoid becoming boring by going out to a coffee morning.

Of the people already in the room, the ones I’d have found easiest to talk to were either serving the coffee and cake or sitting at a crowded table.  They invited me to draw up a chair, but I had a quick chat and sat down at another table near two other people I know.  After a little while we were joined by someone who needed to introduce himself as he is a newcomer.  He sat next to me and explained how he had found out about our regular coffee mornings.  He seemed to think I might have seen him there a few times, but I don’t often go unless it is my turn to help.  (I had seen him before.)  I explained to him how busy I usually am on that day of the week, but that one of my weekly activities had been cancelled.  “I have prised myself away from my laptop,” I joked.

He enquired what I had been doing on my laptop and I told him about my blogging.  We had a really interesting conversation about social networking as he has a blog and uses three or four other social networking sites.  Why more people don’t blog, the relative benefits of books and e-books, and alternative road routes to the other end of the country were some of the subjects we covered.  Then one of the non-blogging gentlemen came and sat down the other side of him and I left them to it, socialising with later arrivals on another table.  It was more fun than checking my stats!

If a newcomer seems reluctant to make the first move, perhaps by saying, “Hello, I’m …”, I might introduce myself.  Do you know a good way of welcoming a stranger?

Offer hospitality to strangers for by doing so some have entertained angels unawares.  Hebrews 13:2