Paint chip challenge Rain dance

This week Giggling Fattie’s paint chips are Rain Dance, Clear Vista, Sea Wind and Reef Blue. My poem is about observations from our windows. Fell is a northern word for mountain.

I am including a photo of the Isle of Man seen on the horizon from our garden. It rained heavily later that evening!. More of my photos may be seen on Sue’s words and pictures.

Rain Dance

Gulls’ rain dance aims to fool
The unsuspecting worms, which rise
Thinking that raindrops are falling;
Being eaten is an unpleasant surprise!

Over their heads the clear vista
Has the outline of the Isle of Man
Shrunk by distance to look like a reef –
Blue fells are seen during the horizon’s scan.

They say that if the island appears
Rain will certainly follow, no doubt
From clouds driven by the Sea Wind.
Should we ever risk hanging the washing out?

Dark cliffs in foreground, sea and sky similar shades with the Isle of Man bluer on the horizon
Isle of Man on the horizon

Double Meanings paint chip poem

The paint chip words and phrases from Giggling Fattie are Spice, Red my mind, Morocco Red and Stiletto Love.

Double Meanings

Spice entices the young
With danger of death.
It makes me see red.
My mind is calmed by a breath
Of fresh air. Drug gangs
Shun hues like Morocco red.
Weapons (due to stiletto love)
Are theirs instead.

Better the spice of life.
If you had read my mind:
‘My feet like leather – Morocco red.
‘Stiletto, Love, is not foot-kind.’

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Worm’s eye view

During the recent A to Z Challenge I discovered another blogger, who issues paint chip poetry challenges. (Linda Kruschke no longer does this.)

I have written a very short poem in response to a recent challenge. The four paint chips are Underground, Dark truffle, Agin Barrel and Chocolate swirl.

Worm’s eye view

I tunnel underground
Eating mud the shade
Of dark truffle or agin’ barrel
Hidden unlike the chocolate swirl I made.

For the latest challenge the paint chips are Flipper, Incognito, Thai Basil and North Woods.


Wearing a face mask, snorkel
And flippers I am incognito.
After my swim I may well
See if Thai Basil in North Woods does grow.

My earlier paint chip poems may be accessed from my Paint Chip Poetry page.