Book review – A Beautiful Tapestry by Tracy Williamson

A Beautiful Tapestry by Tracy Williamson with Marilyn Baker is an encouraging, well-written book published by Authentic Media today (Thursday 13th November). I was privileged to be able to read a pdf file of it in September. (The author and I both blog on More than Writers and are members of a writers’ Facebook group.)

A Beautiful Tapestry; Two ordinary women, One amazing God, Many lives transformed is both biographical and autobiographical. It tells the story of two remarkable women, Marilyn Baker and the author, Tracy Williamson. The first two parts tell about their early lives and the time before they met. The rest of the book is about their ministry together.

In spite of losing her sight as a young child, Marilyn Baker became a very accomplished musician. Tracy Williamson is deaf and partially sighted due to a childhood illness. They both achieve more than many people, who do not have to contend with these limitations.

The emphasis is on the way God provides and guides people. There are sad stories and funny stories, notably the first meeting between Marilyn Baker and Tracy Williamson. They have travelled to other countries together, sharing Marilyn’s worship songs and Tracy’s insights gained through prayer. Some people attending their meetings have been healed.

As well as Marilyn and Tracy’s memories, other people have contributed their own recollections of the events described.

A Beautiful Tapestry would make a good Christmas present, but do read it yourself!

To find out more about Marylin and Tracy’s ministry, which has continued online during the pandemic, visit Marilyn Baker Ministries, where it is possible to listen to Marilyn’s music.