What I read in July 2019 (Part 2)

The excellent book I am reviewing here is one I received in a package from IVP as I was lucky in a Twitter giveaway before Easter. Perhaps a better title for this post might be “What I finished reading…”

In May I began to read Men and Women in Christ: Fresh light from the biblical texts by Andrew Bartlett. I found that I could only read a few pages at a time, but I did read all the way to the end, including the seven appendices elaborating on particular chapters. Some of the references to scripture were also essential reading, although I have to admit that I skipped others deeming that I am familiar with, for example, the stories in Acts. When I bothered to read the passages I felt blessed.

In Men and Women in Christ all the evidence from the Bible about the roles of men and women in marriage and in the Church is sifted and weighed. The historical views of their roles are also discussed. Where scripture is unclear the author referred to other contemporary sources to compare the use of Greek words or expressions. A list of Bible references is included.

This must be the most painstakingly researched book I have ever read! However, it is written in an accessible style. At the end of each chapter there is a summary of the discoveries made. The final chapter is entitled: Taking stock and moving closer together. The views of egalitarians and complementarians had been set out in the earlier chapters. Andrew Bartlett found points he disagreed with in both parties’ arguments.

This book is well worth the time it takes to read it. Very highly recommended.

The other two books I received were Emma Scrivener’s A New Day and Borderlands by Mark Brickman.


What I read in May 2019 (Part 1) Borderlands

The second of three books I received from IVP UK as a Twitter giveaway is Borderlands Navigating The Adventure Of Spiritual Growth by Mark Brickman. This is a scholarly book, which is very readable. It is particularly suitable for reading during this season between Easter and Pentecost. As well as drawing on the author’s own life experiences there is much about those of others, who have been involved in Christian revival in the past.

Although the beginning of Borderlands requires careful reading, towards the end I found that it was very exciting and easy to read. Most of the Bible references in the book are very well known. The reading I had heard in the service on the Third Sunday of Easter (John 21:1-19) was discussed in the part of the book I read the following day.

There are references to many books and online sources.

Borderlands is primarily about spiritual growth,but what I personally gained from this book is that I should continue praying for revival with more fervour.


A to Z Reflections post 2019 #AtoZChallenge

#AtoZChallenge 2019 Tenth Anniversary Reflections badge

This year I was undecided about whether to take part in the A to Z Challenge. It is more difficult to find a different theme each year. With hubby’s encouragement I began preparing for the challenge at the beginning of March and had most of my posts ready by the beginning of April. All of them were scheduled before the middle of the month. I also scheduled Tweets – one for each post and some of my Facebook posts were also scheduled. I gained a few extra blog followers in April.

Early in the challenge I visited a few blogs, which were new to me and also blogs I was already following from previous A to Zs. Later I was too busy to keep up with any blogs on a regular basis.

I am including two lists of A to Z blogs I have visited this time.

List 1: Blogs I was not previously following:











List 2: Blogs I have been following from previous years







In one of the posts from the A to Z Challenge team a question was asked: which 10 people/bloggers have been most influential in your blogging career? My list is not exactly 10!

My daughter, who was a blogger before I was

Hubby, who has encouraged me

Paul Wilkinson and other bloggers I followed early on

Arlee Bird who founded the A to Z Challenge and has been an encourager every time I have taken part

UKBlogAwards for which two of my blogs were short-listed for the UK Blog Awards 2014

Rarasaur, whose challenges I took part in for a good while

The Daily Post from WordPress.com, which no longer issues daily challenges and photo challenges

The Association of Christian Writers, for which organisation I contribute a blog 7 times a year

Once again, I have enjoyed the challenge. However I didn’t feel that there was the same excitement about it that there has been in previous years. This was possibly because fewer bloggers signed up for the challenge. I won an ebook from Jemima Pett in a raffle she ran during the challenge, which I have yet to download. I am looking forward to reading it.

Many thanks to the Blogging from A to Z Challenge team, especially Arlee, John and Jeremy, whose badges I have used. Also to everyone, who has bothered to read my posts and like, rate or leave a comment. Perhaps now April is over some people might find the time to click on my links to Bible Gateway and read the passages I have selected. Comments are closed after 30 days, but it is still possible to comment on my pages including Blogging from A to Z 2019.