Paint chip challenge 51 Baptismal Gowns Upstairs

From Lynda Kruschke’s post, where the whole challenge, colours and her poem may be seen:

…the title, “Baptismal Gowns Upstairs,” is a strange one for a prompt theme.
I suppose you could write about family, which is what this poem is about, at least two members of Brent’s family. Or you could pull a thread from the lines of verse themselves to spin your yarn in poem form.

Now for the paint chip words and phrases: cream of the crop, blue suede shoes, cave, ember, zest for life, sagebrush, and porcelain. I’d like you to use at least five of these words and phrases in your poem.

Zest for Life

The day of our children’s baptism was near.
What were they going to wear?
No baptismal gowns or christening robes here.
In any case our son was a nearly three-year-
Old child – too big to hold or dress in white
Porcelain-coloured clothes.
A surprise gift was just right
For our baby girl – a polite
Thank you letter went to the knitter
Of an off-white woolly dress.
The cream of the crop of sitter-
Knitters had made a garment to fit her.

I do not recall any blue suede shoes
Among the guests. Aunts and uncles
Were the godparents whose
Numbers were three twos.
Three Grandparents were there as well
As a few friends and a cake
With icing in the form of a candle
At the party in a nearby hotel.
It was October not November
No ‘Cave canem’ sign in the bar
No open fire, no glowing ember
It was a happy day, I remember.

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Trinity Sunday

I have been thinking about writing a post about the names of God for some time.  Our service sheet for the last Sunday of the Easter season had a box in the middle containing many names of God.  I managed to find some more.

Abba, Father was included.  Abba means Daddy and was the name Jesus used for his heavenly Father.

Adonai was one of the names used by the Jews for God to avoid using His name and so transgressing the Law.

Advocate is a name of the Holy Spirit.

Anointed One is a translation of Messiah or Christ and is applied to Jesus, who is also known as the Son of God and the son of man.

So names beginning with A refer to all three Persons of the Trinity.  (I’ll consider names beginning with other letters at another time.)

Tomorrow is Trinity Sunday, traditionally the day when preachers struggle to explain how God can be Three Persons and One God.  Matthew’s gospel ends with Jesus commanding his disciples to go and make disciples of all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.  Matthew 28:18-20