Book Review The Captive’s Crown by Olusola Sophia Anyanwu

The Captive’s Crown: A story of inclusion, diversity and redemption by Olusola Sophia Anyanwu is biblical fiction. It contains some adult content.

The main protagonist is the woman who washed Jesus feet with her tears and dried them with her hair. There are many other characters (most of them fictional) from the time of Jesus’ ministry on earth. The story is told imaginatively in Sophia’s unique style.

Sophia (who is a member of the Association of Christian Writers as I am) asked me to read and review this book. She hoped it would be a blessing to me. It contains many quotations from the Bible and some interludes where we are given a glimpse of the activity of God and the angels in heaven. These are indeed a blessing. The story is gripping, with many lives changed through encounters with Jesus and his followers.

The Captive’s Crown is available from Amazon in paperback and Kindle editions.


Book review: The Wounds of Time by SL Russell

The Wounds of Time is a stand-alone novel with a protagonist, Janet Clarke, first encountered in The Thorn of Truth by SL Russell. That second stand-alone novel is about a minor character from The Healing Knife which I reviewed here.. The earlier two books were published by Hodder, whereas The Wounds of Time is a KDP edition from Highstowe Books.

Cover of the Wounds of Time

I read a paperback copy, which I bought, rather than a Kindle e-book.

The Wounds of Time is set in 2017 with events of that year featuring strongly. It opens during Storm Doris. The book is well-written and well-researched. The story is gripping. I read it over a weekend. It contains much wisdom about relationships at work and in the family and reflects problems of the time. It is a story of redemption and reconciliation. For personal reasons I preferred the earlier books in the series and other books I have read by the same author. I know others have hailed this as SL Russell’s best book yet. It is her 9th novel.

There was a blog tour in March 2022 for The Wounds of Time allowing people to learn more about the book and the author. Participants (all members of the Association of Christian Writers like the author and myself) are listed below in no particular order.

Maressa Mortimer

Wendy H. Jones

Penelope Swithinbank interviewed SL Russell about her faith.

Liz Carter also interviewed SL Russell

CF Dunn

Deborah Jenkins

SC Skillman

Ruth Leigh interviewed SL Russell

Paul Trembling

I have read and reviewed two earlier books by SL Russell – A Shed in a Cucumber Field and A Vision of Locusts.


Book review: Write Well compiled by Amy Scott Robinson

Cover of Write Well compiled by Amy Scott Robinson Illustrations are part of a pencil, pencil shavings, part of a pen

The Association of Christian Writers, which I joined in April 2014, is celebrating its 50th anniversary. One of the celebrations is a book written by members. Write Well a Handbook for Christian Writers is in three parts between the Introduction and Epilogue. The parts are Digging the Well, Priming the Pump and Filling the Bucket.

All aspects of writing from inspiration to publication are considered. Writers’ experience of being encouraged by other members of ACW and in particular the local groups are woven between advice about writing particular genres and routes to publication.

Over fifty writers have contributed to this work, which was edited by committee members Amy Scott Robinson, Jane Brocklehurst, Jane Walters and Rosemary Johnson. It was published by Instant Apostle. The ACW Bookshop on the website has details about the book and how to obtain a copy. It may be ordered from ACW. There are details above the picture of the cover on the website. Mine came from a friend, whose essay was one of the fifty included in Write Well.

I shall be referring to this book in the future as there is much useful information.
It has been my privilege to meet some of the writers in person and more on social media including online writers’ days and genre groups. Reading their contributions helped me to know them better.

There is an analogy here. Reading the Bible should help us to know God better. Do you find books more interesting when they are written by someone you know?