A is for Angel

My posts for the A to Z Challenge this year are all about the Easter Story, recorded in 4 books of the New Testament: the Gospels. Image in sidebar links to Theme Reveal post.

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An angel is a messenger from God. In Christian art angels are often shown with wings, but in many Bible stories angels seem to be indistinguishable from people. Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it. Hebrews 13:2

Angels appeared in the story of Jesus’ conception and birth and again when he had spent time alone in the desert for forty days. The period from Ash Wednesday until Easter is known as Lent and recalls these forty days.

Later, in the Easter story Jesus of Nazareth is arrested, tried and executed by crucifixion. A secret disciple (follower) of Jesus, Joseph of Arimathea, asked for the body and laid it in the tomb he intended to be buried in himself.  There wasn’t time to prepare the body properly for burial as the following day was the Jewish Sabbath, on which no work was allowed. So it was the first day of the week, when the disciples were able to visit the tomb in order to do what was customary. Mary Magdalene was the first of Jesus’ disciples to arrive at the tomb with other women (named in Mark’s gospel as Mary the mother of James, and Salome. Jesus had brothers including James.) They found that the tomb was open and the body was missing.

Already heart-broken by Jesus’ death, Mary Magdalene was even more shocked and upset. She rushed to find the other disciples. Peter and John went back with her. Mary Magdalene was one of the women, who saw the angels in the tomb.

Further reading: Angels by Billy Graham

The four accounts in the New Testament

Matthew 28:1-9, Mark 16:1-8, Luke 24:1-12 and John 19:38 to 20:12

My Theme Reveal contains links to the Easter story in the New Testament.

F is for front #AtoZChallenge

For the A to Z in April Challenge 2019 I have picked some words, which are connected with physical space.

F is for front and face.
Although top, bottom and side
Aren’t the front, each has its place
As a face, however tall and wide.

A cuboid has six faces, front, back, two sides, top and base (or bottom). Front and face are both used as nouns and verbs. In fact a dictionary definition of the verb front is face (onto). Of course the two words are not always interchangeable. The front of a person is what you see when they are facing you. The face is the front of their head. The opposite of front is back. Does face have an opposite?

If reverse is the opposite of face, it sometimes means the same as back.

My post for B was about cuboids or boxes among other things.

Face of an angel

The Face of God is mentioned several times in the Bible. Moses met with God more than once on Mount Sinai and also in the Tent of Meeting. God spoke to Moses ‘face to face’.  Exodus 33:11 However when Moses asked to see God’s glory, God only allowed Moses to see his back. Exodus 33:18-23 I suspect that ‘face to face’ is not meant literally here, although I know some people might argue with me. God gave Moses a beautiful blessing to hand down through Aaron and his sons: Numbers 6: 24-26. It is also used by Christians. It mentions God’s face twice.

We may not be able to see the face of God, but an angel ornament given to me by a friend has a lovely face!

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Hello, Daily Prompters.  I’m putting in an appearance after taking time off to Blog Every Day in November.

Are you well?  I hope you are inspired by this prompt.

A superpower of being able to appear or disappear at will, now that’s worth thinking about!

Harry Potter had an invisibility cloak.  Anything covered by it could not be seen.

The Cheshire cat disappeared slowly with his grin being the last to vanish.

In the Bible angels appeared at important moments in the history of God’s people.  They were messengers from God.  There are people alive today who claim to have met angels.   Sometimes kind people are told, “You’re an angel.”  I have even been told this myself, but it didn’t give me the power to appear or disappear at will.  I am only human.  Angels are heavenly beings.

So would I like this superpower?  I think not.  There are quite enough decisions to make each day without deciding whether or not to be seen.  Of course, I already have this power on Skype.  I am able to turn the video on or off.

Now you see me; now you don’t!


Daily Prompt: Now You See Me

by Krista on December 3, 2013

You have a secret superpower: the ability to appear and disappear at will. When and where will you use this new superpower? Tell us a story.

Photographers, artists, poets: show us EVANESCENCE.