Z is for…

Zebras in the zoo (short for zoological gardens) have this advice.  “These animals are dangerous.”  I like to read it aloud to rhyme with: “These animals are kangaroos.”

Zero and zilch are nothing.

Zone and ozone are useful in Scrabble as are zo, dzo, dzho and zho which are various spellings of the same animal’s name.  Another permissible word is ozones.

A zany has a zest for life and may be zealous, if not a zealot.

Zechariah and Zephaniah were Old Testament prophets.  Another Zechariah was the father of John the Baptist.  His prayer is the Benedictus I mentioned in B is for… Luke Chapter 1 tells the whole story around the births of John and his relative, Jesus.

Zacchaeus was a little man, but not overlooked by Jesus.  Luke 19:1-9

Jesus is the Alpha and the Omega (The first and last letter in the Greek alphabet). Revelation 1:8
I hope you have learned more about Him and know Him better through this Blogging from A to Z.

Y is for…


Youngsters yell, “Yellow!” on sports day.

Yesterday youths yodelled.

Yeast is necessary in a bakery and a brewery.

You may have a yen for yoghurt or yearn for it.

Yugoslavia is now many younger countries.

Y yields to ie in plurals.

When I was young I made up a name for the Sugar Puffs bear.  It was “Yarryvoo”.  The judges did not choose it for the bear, but I was a runner up and received a prize.

Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space.

A yeti usually yomps.

A yard may be tens of yards wide.

Yams and yuccas yield fruit.

Yo-yos are toys.

Yachtsmen yaw and yawn.

Jerusalem is often pronounced as if it began with Y.  Many important events in the Bible took place there.

YAHWEH or Jehovah is one of the names of God.

Jesus asked his disciples, “Who do you say I am?”  Peter replied, “You are the Christ, the son of the living God.”  Matthew 16:15-16


X is for…

Xylophone, xenon, x-rays and X marks the spot.

Extra examples need an extra letter.

Xenophobia is the fear of strangers: the fear of the unknown.

Fear can be an uneasy feeling.  It can be terror and trembling.  It can be a panic attack.

Wariness is being aware of danger.  We tell our children not to speak to strangers with good reason; they may not have the discernment to recognise threats to their safety.

Awe is the sort of fear God inspires.  The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom.  Proverbs 1:7

What does the Bible tell us about strangers?

The people of Israel were strangers in a foreign land.

Offer hospitality to strangers for by doing so some have entertained angels unawares.  Hebrews 13:2

And what does it say about fear?

Perfect love casts out fear. 1 John 4:18-21

The peace of God passes all understanding.  Philippians 4:7