Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to Sue’s three blogs – Sue’s considered trifles, Sue’s Trifles and Sue’s words and pictures. These blogs are all hosted by WordPress (, which in turn is an Automattic platform. WordPress and Automattic have their own privacy policies, links below.

Automattic and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Privacy Policy sets out their commitment to comply with the new legislation (GDPR), which comes into effect in Europe on 25 May 2018.

Sue (as the owner of the three non-commercial blogs named above) also has access to some personal data. Email subscribers to blogs share their email addresses with WordPress, the blog owner (in this case Sue) and they may be stored on servers.

Sue will not share your email address.

Sue will not contact you by email if your only connection with her is being an email subscriber to her blog. If you are an email subscriber and you are known to her as a friend or acquaintance, she may contact you unless you ask her not to.

The subscribe by email buttons have temporarily been removed from her blogs. They will be reinstated on or after 25 May 2018. Before they are reinstated, all email subscribers will be removed from her existing lists. Once the buttons reappear on the blogs, it will be possible to subscribe by email. It will be assumed that anyone subscribing after 25 May 2018 has read this privacy policy and is consenting to its terms.

Commenting on blogs gives the blog owner a username and email address of the person making the comment. The IP address of the computer or device from which the comment was sent may also be available to the blog owner. In exceptional cases Sue may reply by email to a comment. She also reserves the right to delete comments. Blog owners have the ability to edit comments. Comments with several links (or otherwise identified as spam) may be automatically deleted by Akismet (an anti-spam service provided to WordPress users).

Once a comment from an individual has been approved, subsequent comments will be published without moderation and should not include any information, which is not intended for public view. (In other words, do not use a comment for any information, which should be kept private.)

Liking a post or a comment on a post provides links to the Gravatar of the person, who liked the post or comment. Unless the information provided to Gravatar includes an email address, the blog owner does not have access to an email address of the person.

Rating a post with 1 to 5 stars does not share an email address with the blog owner.

Sue does not use Google analytics. WordPress statistics identify the countries from which visits to her blogs have been made, but not the individual visitor(s).

This document may be updated as more information becomes available.

Latest update 16/05/2018 (Initial publication date)