Posts on a theme

Themes I have written about include Bees, Faith, Books, Blogging and Real Life.


A community , How I met a blogger I follow and Buzz, buzz, buzz


Promoting blogging to non-blogging friends

A year of blogging

What makes you click?

Where do I begin?

Socialising with bloggers in comment threads

Another string to my bow


The first Book of Samuel, Daily prompt: Moved to tears


Counterintuition,  The first Book of Samuel, Posts written tor Blogging from A to Z for April, Remake, Ascension Day, Promoting blogging to non-blogging friends, Alter ego   , A chance conversation , Pentecost, Trinity Sunday. …but what will it be?, How can tomorrow affect today?, Moved to tears, Friendship, On an even keelWe’d never have guessed, A great teacher, Fear, Changing seasons, Johari window, Remembrance day

Real Life

A chance conversation, Journey, Craft group crack. My year so far, Procrastination,  On an even keelSchooldays, A day to remember  Behind the mask, I can temporarily live without… My excitement led to action, It’s only a game, Clash of dates, Public speaking, Customer satisfaction


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