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April 2014 contents for Blogging from A to Z

April 2015 contents for Blogging from A to Z

April 2016 contents for Blogging from A to Z

April 2017 contents for Blogging from A to Z

April 2018 contents for Blogging from A to Z

Contents (post by post excluding the sections above)

Playing to win

A community



Blogging from A to Z April Challenge

Cathedral window patchwork pincushion


My best kept secret

What every blogger should know

A silver lining for my blog

Ascension Day

Promoting blogging to non-blogging friends

Three men

Alter ego

Interview with Tigger

A chance conversation


My phone or i-phone?

My blogging goals

Trinity Sunday


Blog switching

My name is…

…but what will it be?

Not exactly a running gag

Silver linings

Craft group crack

The first book of Samuel

Buzz, buzz, buzz

Monet prompt


The meeting

What they wore

What they did

Out t’back

The living room

Laugh – we couldn’t stop!

The view

The house

The attic

The cellar

The brook

Facebook – a necessary evil?

Birthday parties

How I met a blogger I follow

No doubt about it – I’m a logomaniac!

My biographer

Mythological beasts

Holiday craft

The key to success

A year of blogging

Qualia – a personal experience

Back to school

Alphabetical challenge

My year so far


What makes you click?

A short history of two blogs

I remember

How can tomorrow affect today?


How do you deal with distractions from writing?

Moved to tears

Politically correct?


Too soon (or too late?)

Mirror, mirror



On an even keel

When was the last full moon?


I say tomato…


These boots were made for walking

The secret of success is not likes or follows…

Only joking!

Knitting for fun

A day to remember

More knitting

Where do I begin?

Behind the mask

I can temporarily live without…

My excitement led to action!

We’d never have guessed!

It’s only a game!


Speaking volumes

Sorry, I can’t help

Socialising with bloggers on comment threads

Kindle – one spark or two?

Clash of dates

Public speaking

Customer satisfaction

A great teacher

Non sequitur

Dear Reader

Questions, questions


Visiting offspring

Knock, knock

Reading matter

Muddled Mrs Malaprop

Yesterday was National Poetry Day


Say ph


Shopping list


Changing seasons

A statue in a strange land

In the style of…


Blog Action Day – action for girls and slaves

The results are out

How to knit a cushion cover

Raindrop race results

Shakespeare and me (Part 1)

Shakespeare and me (Part 2)

Another string to my bow



Johari window

UK Blog awards 2014

My first day at school

Halloween treats

Introductions Blog every Day in November – please see link above for more posts

The first day of December

Craft group in the Guinness Book of Records?  Surely not!


An outing by train

How to adapt a child’s sweater by enlarging the neck opening


How I made two cushions

Learning style

CheersFest Day

What was that noise?

Beyond reach

A frilly scarf


What I have learned from reading free books

Dates in December

Voting has opened for the UK Blog Awards

What should I do for my next two hundred posts?

How not to make a hash of hashtags

Let it not snow!

A secret kindness

Forgive and forget

One and only? No many!

Carolling merrily

Christmas Eve prayer

Eight years of Christmas preparations

The best day in my life

Visiting a new planet

A Moment of clarity

A new school

When does an idea count as a brainwave?

My blogging year – 2013 in review




Quote me

Call me Ishmael

Epiphany musings and my thought patterns

Wave power

Teacher’s pet

Look out for the outsiders

Twitter chat hour from a newbie’s point of view

This is your life

Quirk of habit

Golden Globes: American Hustle wins three awards

Ripped from the headlines

Polite company

Toot, toot!

In a crisis

What I am knitting

10 things to do in a power cut

Sweet sixteen

Plan B

Mirror, mirror (2)

Eighteen months of blogging

Judge it by the cover!

What do you know?

Music and me

Twenty six


From another point of view

Living in the present


Burnt to a cinder

News about the UK Blog Awards

Yet another string to my bow

The shortlist is out


Call me, maybe

Time to Talk Day



A to Z 2014 again

Who is my reader?


All about trifle

Shoulda, woulda, coulda

Cupid’s arrow


What time is it?


Far from normal


New sensation

New Year’s resolutions revisited

A good day

A giant step

Twelfth birthday

Shrivel or grow

Band or banned?

Murphy’s Law

Murphy’s law again

Chain gang

Always something there to remind me

The family home

I upgraded my laptop against all the odds

Ash Wednesday

A book review for World Book Day

Women’s days and craziness

Careless whisper

If I were mayor…

The heat is on -turned down to low!

Never surrender

To leave or not to leave?

You’re rambling!


Surprise pudding

I believe my blog’s anniversary is not far off

Lingering longer

That’s impossible!

What Sue wrote – wandering happily

More of what Sue wrote

All is revealed


Wherein Sue began to blog daily

More daily blogging

Blogiversary and even more daily blogging

Tips for new bloggers on

Review of my year of blogging on Sue’s Trifles

Write from the start

How Google+ may help A to Z Challenge Participants

The mother of the prodigal son

Looking forward to Blogging from A to Z in April

My annual garden survey

Palm Sunday

Easter Day

A to Z is coming to an end

Budget fashion accessories

UK Blog Awards 2014 – the Awards Evening

A to Z reflections post

Analysis of blog stats and strategy 

Some blogging tips

More about the UK Blog Awards

UK Blog Awards – the goody bag

Do you pray?  Is there any point in praying?

Book review: The Last Queen of Sheba

Book review:  Adrian Plass and the Church Weekend

If I ruled the world

Last but not least

A word cloud

Guilty pleasure

My 350th post

No contest

An early obsession

Knitted hats

Surprise company

Mixed progress in achieving my targets

My blogging goals revisited

Crocheted waistcoat

Game of Groans

Perfect recall

Breaking the silence – or not


Finders keepers

Short trips out

Weaving the threads

Write, you are…

Blogging opinion poll

IE Day

Tourist trap (Guest post from Johanne Winwood)

Why does nobody find my blog?

Have you missed me?

Delayed flight

City planners

Blogging experiment

Rare medium

Other -ers

My method of blogging

Twittering about books

The second book of Samuel

Bridging the gap

What I have read in  June

Birds at Sizergh Castle 

The Reisenbach Problem

Another cushion


Singular sensation – a ripple of laughter

Technology, tools and loom bands

Stranger in a strange land

What is kindness?

The stats connection

Alexander McCall Smith – a favourite author

Blogging and stress

The state of my year

A Flower Festival – Part 1

A Flower Festival – Part 2

A Flower Festival – Part 3

What is the opposite of writer’s block?

My blogging plans

20 widgets described

How do you use social media?

How a spectacles case became a picture

Book review: Neither Here nor There

What I had for Christmas

New day dawning

A game of Scrabble®

End of summer blogging survey

Sunflowers and beyond

How do I get spirituality?

Blogging overview continued

A crocheted baby blanket

Blogging to date


Michaelmas Day

Doing blogs

Blog Action Day is October 16

My Twitter verse


Blog Action Day 2014 Mental vs. Physical Health

Mind what you say!

Blanket crocheted in four shades

Blogging news

October flowers

Far and near

Reading books on my Kindle app

Stats for less frequent blogging

November notions

Bring back “ken” and other archaic words

The UK Blog Awards 2015

Friends and friendship

Resolutions revisited

Another U-turn

Reading the Bible

Books about Grace

Some of my trifles

London in rhyme

Bring and share 

Blogs I follow

Christmas is nearly here

Boxing Day sales

End of year blogging summary

My first post for 2015

Dealing with shyness

Social media and the difficulties of leading a balanced life

Blogging, belief and books

A new word

Not the numbers

The Heretic – Book review

Valentine’s Day

Doll’s trousers and hat (crochet)

Life, death, luck and Lent

Doll’s clothes and “that dress”

Poetry in Lent

How to enlarge a knitted garment without frogging

A to Z Challenge 2015

What I have learned about Social Media during April

What’s next on Sue’s Trifles?

Mental Health Awareness Week

Christmas crafts

Patriotic squares and other motifs

Looking back over five months of 2015

Gardening notes

View from the choir stalls

A classic matinée jacket

What I read in May and June

Can a blog post be a list or a list a blog post?

Colours again

Looking back over three years of blogging

View from the train

Books I read in July

Why having more than one internet-enabled device is almost essential

The Flower Show

Book review- Love Triangles by Bobbie Ann Cole

What I learned in August

Just a trifle

Baby’s bonnet and bootees

Some things I found funny

What I have read in September

October blogging landmarks

To blog or not to blog, that is the question

A sign and crafty projects

What I have learned in October

How (not) to make an angel

Reflections on a rainy day


Kent and Cumbria

What I read in November

How to cover a paperback book with adhesive film

Child’s knitted jacket

Advent in music

Book review: Baby, Baby

My 2015 in review

What I read in 2015

My one word 2016

The Writing on the Wall – Book review

The Jazz Files – Book review

Another train journey

Book review: finding Myself in Britain

Blogging news

To travel hopefully…

The blog post I nearly forgot to write

March madness


More March madness

Theme Reveal for the A to Z Challenge

What I read in March 2016

What I read in April 2016

The Bicycle

What I read in May 2016

What I learned in May 2016

My head is full of spaghetti

Truth is stranger than fiction

A sewing project – girl’s pinafore dress

What I read in June 2016

Looking back and looking forward

Did you miss me?

What I read in July 2016

What else I read in July 2016

Too busy to blog

Do you get Twitter?

The Flower Show 2016

What I read in August 2016

Autumn weather

Gladys Aylward: A Life for China (Book review) 

More than Writers

What I read in September 2016

Going round in small circles

Travelling by train

Writing Day and some new directions

What I have read in October 2016

How to write ten poems in ten days

What else I read in October 2016

How to take control of your own (computer) updates

What I read in November 2016

Another book I read in November and a place worth visiting

Change of plan

Christmas greetings to all my readers

End of year blogging round-up

When the way ahead is unclear

My word for 2017

My blogging goals for 2017

My first visit to the cinema

Books I read in December 2016

My first visit to the cinema

Anxiety and panic atttacks

Baby jumper and bootees

What I read in January 2017

A knitted hat and some baby bootees

What I read in February 2017

List free Blogging from A to Z in April -some tips for WordPress bloggers

What else I read in February 2017

Blogging from A to Z in April theme Reveal

A Twiddlemuff

What I read in March 2017

How blogging and social media are enriching my life

Blogging  from A to Z in April Challenge

What I read in April 2017

Prayer strands

Tarka the Otter by Henry Williamson

Blogging news

What I read in May 2017

What I read in June 2017


What I read in July 2017

What I read in August 2017

A Twitter project

A baby’s dress

Tweeting about the Psalms – the first week

#Psalmtweets weeks 2 and 3

What I read in September 2017

#Psalmtweets weeks 4 and 5

#Psalmtweets weeks 6 and 7

What I read in October 2017

#Psalmtweets weeks 8 and 9

A group of books as background to a film

#Psalmtweets weeks 10 and 11

What I read in November 2017

#Psalmtweets weeks 12 and 13

#Psalmtweets weeks 14 and 15

Wishing all my readers a Happy Christmas

Looking back on 2017 and forward to 2018

#Psalmtweets weeks 16 and 17

#Psalmtweets weeks 18 and 19

What I read in December 2017

#Psalmtweets: the last 16 Tweets

What I read in January 2018

A knitting project

What I read in February 2018

Posting daily to social media – the pros and cons


The effect of our decisions on the environment

Quick Blogging Update

Theme Reveal for the A to Z Challenge 2018

(See A to Z Challenge 2018 for other posts)

What I read in March and April 2018

Reflections on the A to Z Challenge 2018

To my email subscribers

The Blogging from A to Z Challenge Road Trip

Religion and faith

Avoiding a side seam

Why it is good to meet up with other writers

What I read in June 2018 (Part 1)

What I read in June 2018 (Part 2)

What I read in June 2018 (Part 3)

What I read in June 2018 (Part 4) The Lost Words

A practical project

What I read in July 2018

What I read in August 2018 (Part 1)

A visit to the Lost Words Exhibition

What I read in August 2018 (Part 2)

What I read in September 2018 (Part 1)

What I read in September 2018 (Part 2)

About my Twitter Anniversary

What I read in October (Part 1)

What do you want to be when you grow up?

What I read in October (Part 2)

What I read in November (Part 1)

Blogging round-up

A knitted teacosy

What I read in November (Part 2)

What else I read in 2018

What I read in December 2018 (Part 1)

What I read in December 2018 (Part 2)

What will the New Year bring?

What I read in January 2019 (Part 1)

What I read in January 2019 (Part 2)

What I read in January 2019 (Part 3)

Changing the world: three book reviews

Knitting in two colours

What else I read in February 2019

More books I read in February 2019

The Shepherd’s Life

What I read in March 2019 (Part 1)

Theme reveal #AtoZChallenge Please see A to Z Challenge 2019 for related posts

What I read in March 2019 (Part 2)

What I read in April 2019 (Part 1) Living prayer and New Life: Reflections for Lent 

What I read in April 2019 (Part 2) A New Day by Emma Scrivener

What I read in April 2019 (Part 3) Empire Antarctica

What I read in May 2019 (Part 1) Borderlands

What I read in May 2019 (Part 2) Shadow Doctor the past awaits/ It started with a Tweet

What I read in May 2019 (Part 3) The Perihelix / The Last Runaway

What I read in May 2019 (Part 4) Lady’s Maid /The Wrong Messiah

What I read in June 2019 (Part 1) The Librarian

What I read in June 2019 (Part 2)
Tom’s Midnight Garden/ Ash Princess /Three Things about Elsie


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