Why having more than one internet-enabled device is almost essential

My laptop stopped working about two weeks ago. It was flashing between a partly loaded desktop screen and a blank screen the colour I chose as my background for the tiles.

I used my phone to find out how to start windows 8.1 in safe-mode. Then I managed to restore my computer to a point before some updates. I found I needed to reinstall my virus protection as it failed to update. After this I did a scan and a virus was removed. The whole process took quite a long time, but my computer was working again after a few hours.

In fact it seemed to be working better than before it crashed.

Just when I thought the problems were over another update from Microsoft caused a minor problem. My computer stayed on a screen “shutting down” for a long time. I pressed the power switch, waited a short time and switched it back on. It was still shutting down. I seem to remember this happened more than once.

Finally I held the power button down firmly. Then I waited until after my next meal before I switched it on again. It behaved. Out of curiosity I researched this latest problem and learned from a forum that I had done what was recommended. (No mention of food, though!)

My computer had taken over most of my time for a weekend, but I was able to go on holiday, knowing that it would be working on my return.

I am not ready to install Windows 10 yet, but no doubt this will happen in a few weeks or months. I just need to find a spare day or two to prioritise the upgrade!

One time it is inconvenient to have more than one internet-enabled device is when emails appear as unread on one gadget, when they have been read on another.  Has anyone found a solution to this?  Answers on a postcard…

…Oh, you’re on-line.  Just comment below, please!