Blog Every Day in November

Blog Every Day in November is a challenge hosted by Elizabeth of Rosalilium a lifestyle blog.

There are topics for each day.  Scroll down to find more participating blogs.

My posts for the official topics are:-


Something I made


Food, glorious food

Bonfire Night

National Stress Awareness Day

A list of ten things

A day in the life

Blog Chat

Outside my comfort zone

Remembrance Day

My home town

World Kindness Day

My workspace

Favourite folk



Anti-bullying week



World Television Day

Leaving on a jet plane

Date Night

Until Christmas

Home sweet home

Yes moments

The great outdoors

All I want for Christmas

The End of Blog every Day in November

I am following the blogs of some of the other participants and visiting others from time to time.

UK Blog Awards are participating too.  Here are their 10 reasons for entering.

Here are links to the blogs I am following:

Make Do and Spend

Is That You Darling


Recommended Blogs (on Blogger)

A Child of the King

It’s Fun in Abingdon

Through Niks Lens

4 thoughts on “Blog Every Day in November

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