This is a companion blog to Sue’s considered trifles.  I am calling it Sue’s Trifles to suggest a connection between the two blogs.  Having a second blog will allow me to respond to prompts and challenges and interact with the blogging community, while maintaining a fairly uniform style in my first blog.

I have chosen the wordpress theme “Pachyderm” as it is probably my favourite word.  Not all the animals in the header image provided are pachyderms, though!

Trifle has been one of my favourite desserts since childhood.  A trifle has three layers.  Jelly, custard and cream.  The jelly layer may also contain sponge, sherry and sometimes fruit depending on the recipe.  So tasting a trifle may produce a pleasant surprise.  I hope that you, my readers, will have some pleasant surprises in my future posts.

Update 13 June 2022: Sue’s considered trifles was my first blog. It had an active lifetime, but has been dormant for a few years. My third blog Sue’s words and pictures usually has updates on Wednesdays with a response to a photography challenge and some Saturdays with photos of places visited.

17 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Sue,
    I tried to find where to comment on the link you gave me back in December. It was entitled The Best Day in my Life. Sorry it has taken me this long. The post you commented on was back just after Christmas and we were travelling.

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  4. Hi Sue. Thanks for commenting on my article about Knights and pointing me to yours on the same subject. I see comments over there are closed. I wonder, whilst you were at my site, did you take a look at the ‘Hereford and Ireland History’ section? You may recall another discovery of a medieval coffin in Herefordshire, a member of the Mortimer family. There are several articles about Mortimers on my site,with links to more authoritative sources.

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