Theme reveal #AtoZChallenge

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This year for my A to Z challenge I am revisiting my posts for 2013. My theme that year was alliteration. I had a lot of fun with silly sentences made up of words using the letter of the day.

I also had some more serious content. This is my starting point for this year’s challenge. I hope that I and my readers will learn more about Christ and Christianity from these posts.


13 thoughts on “Theme reveal #AtoZChallenge

  1. As an avid appreciator of all things alliterative, I , influenced by my Illinoisan intellect, interest and introspectiveness am really relishing the relevance of your recent revelation. Also in other nonalliterative issues, I will be posting about your a-z challenge theme in an upcoming article on my blog. I am going to post the a-z themes of all the blogs that are on any of my blogrolls.


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