How do you know what to write?

At a Christmas party a young man asked me, ‘How do you know what to write?’

My quick reply was, ‘I write book reviews’. Another friend said, ‘She writes poetry too.’

Round the turn of the year I ran out of book reviews and haven’t any poems I wish to share at present. My two most recent posts have been summaries or roundups. This one is attempting to answer the question I was asked.

Scrolling through Twitter, questions sometimes appear. Someone was asking for book recommendations about the Lake District. I realised that I have read and reviewed dozens of books either about the Lake District or written by authors living in the area.

I decided that a page collecting all these together might be useful. Pages on blogs do not appear in the WordPress reader, so this post is to introduce you to my pages. They appear in the menu for this blog, but that is more easily spotted on a computer than on a mobile device.

Here are links to my pages (and some more information below the links):

My A to Z Challenge 2013 used alliteration and linked to passages in the Bible. In 2021 I picked important words from the Bible for each letter. (Space did not permit longer titles in my menu.) I already have an idea for some very short posts for the 2023 A to Z Challenge.

I have recently overhauled my pages, checking that all the books I have reviewed appear in the Author Indexes, and editing a post, which had broken links. It is possible I have missed a few posts from my contents list. If you do find anything not quite right, please let me know. One or two authors appeared in the wrong place alphabetically!

I enjoyed reminding myself about some books I had read, but not thought about recently.

If you are a blogger, do you use pages? In my opinion every blog should have an About and a Contact page. Any other pages are at the discretion of the blogger.

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