A surprising event

Most of my blog posts this year have been book reviews. As a change (and because I have less time in Advent for reading – apart from my Quiet time and preparations for our Ladies’ Bible study group) I have decided to share some poetry news.

I was invited to join the eco-church team and have attended a few meetings. We staged an exhibition in the church after gaining our bronze award from A Rocha. One of my contributions to the exhibition was a printout of a poem about trees, which I had written for an online poetry group.

Later a volunteer climate change champion was organising an art exhibition to raise awareness of climate change. The eco-team leader suggested that I could enter my poem with some conker artwork. I hadn’t done any art for a few years, having my time filled in with writing, reading, knitting and music as well as activities outside my home. It was half term week, when many activities in this village take a break, so I found time to create a piece of amateur artwork around my poem.

A villanelle is a form of poem I learned about from Linda Kruschke’s paint chip prompts. I wrote one for a challenge last year.

I have included the text of the poem as well as a photo of my artwork.

A piece of watercolour paper hanging by string from a recycled garden stake with a second stake hanging below. The text of the poem in blue ink and a painting of two conkers in lower right-hand corner.
An eco-friendly way of displaying a picture

On Trees – A Villanelle

A conker is a great big seed
And yet it was a child’s plaything.
Trees make the oxygen we need.

Cutting down trees is due to greed.
Conkers may swing on lengths of string –
A conker is a great big seed.

Trees produce many sorts of seed
From fertilised flowers in spring.
Trees make the oxygen we need.

Trees mature at a slower speed
Than you and I and our offspring.
(A conker is a great big seed.)

To all the trees we must pay heed.
(To a strong branch attach a swing!)
Trees make the oxygen we need.

Respect for trees is what I plead;
Oneness with nature’s the best thing.
A conker is a great big seed.
Trees make the oxygen we need.

© Susan Sanderson 27 July 2021

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