Book Review: Lost Horizon by James Hilton

Sometimes book recommendations come from unexpected places. Hubby and I recently went to a talk about a local resident’s travels in Tibet. He began by asking how many people in the audience had read Lost Horizon. Only one octogenarian had. Then the speaker told us how the book began with a mysterious disappearance of an aircraft. He mentioned a few more tantalising things about the story, before going on to show us his own slides.

Cover of Lost Horizon in two tones with black printing. Buildings are perched on sheer cliffs in a mountainous landscape.

We were intrigued and downloaded the book onto our own devices. Hubby began reading Lost Horizon and found that, in spite of being very dated having been published in the 1930s, it was a page turner.

I had other reading priorities but, once I began to read it, I found the same. The story was fascinating, with many unexpected incidents. There was also some incidental, unobtrusive exposition of people’s philosophies for life. Buddhist ideas and those of a Christian missionary were included.

To whet your appetite (as our speaker whetted ours) time and people’s lifespans were different in Shangri-la.

How do you decide what to read?

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