Knitting for premature babies

It seems a long time since I wrote about knitting on this blog – probably because it is a long time!

I recently bought a different pattern with a larger range of sizes for baby’s cardigans than the pattern I usually follow. It just happened that I had chosen a ball of the recommended yarn before buying pattern JB001 from James C. Brett.

White cardigan on dark green background
V-necked cardigan

The pattern was straightforward, but I took the precaution of writing out the rows and stitches for the decreasing of the front and raglan edges at the same time. I adapted the pattern to avoid side seams in the way I described earlier. There are instructions for a round necked cardigan/jumper and for a V-necked cardigan, which was my choice.

Two cardigans of the smallest size may be knitted from a single 100g ball of Supreme soft and gentle baby DK yarn with some yarn left over.

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