Book review: The Gardener by Salley Vickers

On a recent visit to the library I found The Gardener by Salley Vickers, an author whose books I enjoy.

The Gardener is a novel published in 2021. Told in the first person, it covers a lot of ground. There are many fascinating characters with some unconventional views. Place is very important; the setting for most of the story is rural Shropshire, but other places are involved. Relationships within the family and the community play a part. There is mystery. I had to revisit the last few chapters as I hadn’t been paying attention and was unsure about some of the events.

The background to the story includes restoring a garden. There are lots of twists and turns in the plot.

Salley Vickers has written on her website about the circumstances which led to her writing this book.

I enjoyed The Gardener. In fact I have enjoyed all the books by Salley Vickers, which I have read including Miss Garnet’s Angel which I read long before I began blogging.

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