Book review – The Wanderer: Scorned by Natasha Woodcraft

Natasha Woodcraft has written a remarkable book – The Wanderer: Scorned is the first in a series looking at what the background might have been to some well-known stories from the book of Genesis. She is not writing specifically for people who regard the Bible as a sacred text. The Wanderer: Scorned is a work of fiction, but the story includes many truths about relationships between people and between people and God.

Picture of the paperback book The Wanderer: Scorned

The tale is told as a story within a story. I became so absorbed in the main story that I had forgotten the context in which it was being told. Once I had read the book and the appendices I went back and read the prologue and epilogue consecutively. They fit together perfectly and left me wanting to read the sequel.
I enjoyed the way that Natasha Woodcraft imagined what it would have been like for the first humans, having been expelled from Eden and being inexperienced in every way.

Readers who are familiar with other Bible stories may find a foretaste of some of them. The relationship between two brothers reminded me of the story of the prodigal son. Having to wait during a character’s illness was not unlike Jesus’ response to Lazarus’ illness. There was also an incident reminiscent (or prescient) of Elijah and the prophets of Baal.

As well as being a writer, Natasha Woodcraft is also a musician. Her song included in Chapter 3 is available as a video with subtitles on YouTube.

I read an ARC (advance review copy) as a large print .pdf file, which took me longer than it would have taken to read a book. (For one thing it wasn’t on my TBR (to be read) pile!)

The Wanderer: Scorned is being launched on 6th August 2022. It was a real privilege to be able to read it ahead of that date. It is available from Amazon as a Kindle edition from 2nd August 2022 and a paperback from 6th August 2022.

The sequel, The Wanderer: Reborn, is expected in Winter 2022.


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