Book review Where shall we run to? A memoir by Alan Garner

Where shall we run to? came to my attention on Twitter. I requested it from the library. Although we rarely listen to spoken word programmes on the radio apart from the news, we had recently heard a programme about Alan Garner, in which he talked about his interest in archaeology.

Where shall we run to? A memoir is written in the voice of a youngster from Cheshire. There are many amusing anecdotes from his war-time schooldays. The author’s unusual education due to illness led him to become a writer.

Both Hubby and I read and enjoyed this excellent book (in the hardback edition). I was particularly interested to read it as I am working on my own memoir of my early life. A long time ago we visited Alderley Edge, which is a place of great importance in Alan Garner’s writing.

Where shall we run to? A memoir is available as hardback, paperback and an audio version is read by Robert Powell.

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