Shepherds, a stable and a star #AtoZChallenge

This year my A to Z challenge is about Christmas, a major festival in the Christian Church. Another major festival is Easter, which I wrote about for the A to Z Challenge in 2020.

There are several words beginning with S associated with the Christmas story. There was the stable where Jesus was born. This may have been part of a house where the animals were kept rather than an outbuilding. The shepherds visited Jesus when he was lying in a manger. The animals feeding trough became a makeshift cradle.

A star guided the Magi to the house where the child was. By the time the Magi arrived Jesus was no longer a newborn baby. It is likely that he was a year old or more. As we saw in the post about Herod children up to the age of two years were regarded as a threat by Herod.

There have been many theories about whether the star was a comet or the conjunction of planets. The Magi had studied astronomy well enough to recognise something new in the sky. They decided to investigate the meaning and to go in search of a new king.

The carol While shepherds watched their sheep by night tells the Christmas story as far as it involved the shepherds. This is a less usual tune for a popular carol.

While this year’s A to Z badges by Anjela Curtis honour the late Jeremy Hawkins, I hope that my posts about Christmas honour Jesus Christ, ‘who was and is and is to come’. Revelation 1:4

In case you missed it yesterday I was privileged to have a guest post on the official A to Z Challenge blog. You may read it on Blogger and/or on WordPress.

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