Book review: Write Well compiled by Amy Scott Robinson

Cover of Write Well compiled by Amy Scott Robinson Illustrations are part of a pencil, pencil shavings, part of a pen

The Association of Christian Writers, which I joined in April 2014, is celebrating its 50th anniversary. One of the celebrations is a book written by members. Write Well a Handbook for Christian Writers is in three parts between the Introduction and Epilogue. The parts are Digging the Well, Priming the Pump and Filling the Bucket.

All aspects of writing from inspiration to publication are considered. Writers’ experience of being encouraged by other members of ACW and in particular the local groups are woven between advice about writing particular genres and routes to publication.

Over fifty writers have contributed to this work, which was edited by committee members Amy Scott Robinson, Jane Brocklehurst, Jane Walters and Rosemary Johnson. It was published by Instant Apostle. The ACW Bookshop on the website has details about the book and how to obtain a copy. It may be ordered from ACW. There are details above the picture of the cover on the website. Mine came from a friend, whose essay was one of the fifty included in Write Well.

I shall be referring to this book in the future as there is much useful information.
It has been my privilege to meet some of the writers in person and more on social media including online writers’ days and genre groups. Reading their contributions helped me to know them better.

There is an analogy here. Reading the Bible should help us to know God better. Do you find books more interesting when they are written by someone you know?

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  1. Yes, I do find books more interesting if I know the author – and thus I get to know them better through the writing. Hence I have read many books by ACW members and this one is on the pile waiting till I finish ‘Leaving Bethany’. Yes, maybe that is partly why the Bible is so compelling, as we get to know the author so much better by reading it with Him. Thank you, Sue.

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