Paint chip Octave 4

Linda Kruschke’s challenge this week is for the next eight line stanza.

The paint chip words and phrases you have to work with this week are rolling hills, smoke and ash, radical, smoke signal, and dragon. I’d like you to use at least two of these in your octave for this week. Your octave should be a continuation of what you started on the first Friday of October. If you haven’t started your poem yet, you can always just write a stand-alone octave for this week.

Linda Kruschke

Octave 4

Reconciliation may need a radical change
Of attitude from all those involved.
There may be faults on both sides.
Misunderstandings need to be resolved.
We are building on a sure foundation
Even when it seems all we have left
Is desolate as smoke and ash.
Surely we won’t be completely bereft.

The earlier verses of this poem may be found on this blog. Octave 1, Octave 2 and Octave 3. Perhaps you’d prefer to scroll to find them using the << to find earlier posts.

7 thoughts on “Paint chip Octave 4

  1. Love this. Reconciliation isn’t easy. You have to strip away the mistakes of the past and hopefully what you’re left with is love for the other person, on which you can begin to rebuild your relationship. You captured this idea perfectly.

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