Paint chip Octave 2

Linda Kruschke’s challenge this week is for the next stanza in the October poem. Don’t forget to visit her blog for her poem and other participants’ poems and links.

The challenge this week is to write the second octave of your poem. The five paint chip words and phrases you have to work with are after the fire, shark, bramble, tickled pink, and bittersweet. I would like you to use at least two of these in your octave. You can use the same rhyme scheme as last week, or mix it up. But this week’s stanza should connect with last week’s.

Linda Kruschke

My poem from last week is here.

Octave 2

Like damaged nature we can recover
From setbacks and disappointments
Like being separated from a lover;
Some hurts aren’t soothed by ointments.
After the fire cliff-top gorse was black.
I noticed that bracken, bramble and grass
Were the first plants to grow back.
I look for changes each time I pass.

Greyish sea with white-topped waves at top, straw-coloured grass with blackened branches of gorse and new green shots of gorse, some green grass and brambles.
Blackened gorse in October 2021 from the fire in June 2018

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